View Full Version : Jewleery maintenance-This is here bcoz itz relatively beauty

09-23-2007, 06:20 PM
1. Avoid, keeping all your jewellery alltogether in a single box, as hard stones like diamond can give scratches to all other delicate jewellery. Instead wrap each peice of jewellery seperately. Get a jewelry box and/or wrap each piece of jewelry with paper, velvet or silk.

2. Try not to throw, the original box of the jewellery because jewellery is always very safe in it as the box is specially made for particular jewellery.

3. Try to keep the jewellery back in the box recently after use . It definately increases the life of and shine of your stuff.
Little care can give you more

4. Avoid wearing your precious jewellery while you are swimming as the chlorine in the water will discolor your jewellery especially silver. Also while gardening, washing dishes, laundry we should avoid jewellery etc.

5. After every six or seven months jewellery should be cleaned with mild soapy water and soft used brush. Before cleaning jewelry make sure the stones are not loose as while, cleaning you don’t want them coming out.

6. Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended as the vibrations they make can enlarge inclusions and make them more noticeable.

7. To help prevent damage to your jewelry, don’t put them on until you have your makeup, hairspray, perfume or anything else on. The stuff that is in these products could harm your jewelry. Put bracelets on your opposite hand if your right or left handed. Less wear may occur because it’s not the main hand used.

8. Dont trust anyone new for the cleaning of your jewellery always do it from any well known shop or person. If shipping your jewelry to be cleaned or repaired use a shipper that has tracking and get it insured.

9. Always take the picture of your jewellery before giving it for any cleaning, as you can claim the concerned person in case of damage or chipping.

10. Pricing for cleaning will vary by type of jewelry and the place you take it too. If you recently bought jewelry from a store they might clean and inspect it for free on an annual basis or something like that. So, always check for this option.