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09-11-2007, 05:10 PM
5 megapixel

Another high-end camera phone from Samsung seems to be under way, unofficial information has leaked. The Samsung G800 slider has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera with 3x optical zoom and is likely the successor of Samsung G600, which was recently announced.

Samsung G800 is recognizable for its stylish design and better camera integration with a dedicated camera button and xenon flash. The back of the phone includes elements, inherent to advanced camera bodies - a special leather-like cover ensuring better grip, as well as its lens and xenon flash comfortably covered by a stylish lens lid. The front panel grabs attention with its large display. The form factor is easily identifiable as a slider, but it might as well offer a touch-based user interface and no hardware keypad.

Other features of the Samsung G800 include Bluetooth, USB support, 3G or HSDPA connectivity and stereo speakers. We are somewhat uncertain about the presence of 3G support, since most of the Samsung 3G-enabled handset come out under the Z-series. As of yet, no information is available on the video recording capabilities of the device.

Although optical zoom enabled phones are not something new on the market as we have already witnessed the coming to light of Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Sharp 902, Sharp 903 and Sharp 904, the Samsung G800 looks like quickly becoming a common favourite when it hits the shelves. This is expected to happen in the early months of 2008.


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Wow.. too gud..

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is it 5 megapixel???

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even n95 has a 5 MP camera.