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Freeze the time and apply various physics to the balls.
Strategic Billiard 1.2

A billiards simulator, but:
- in addition to standard cue you can apply over a dozen different tools to the balls (magnet, fan, reflectors etc.)
- you can pause the game at any time and apply the tools before the balls stop moving
- you get score for making balls collide as many times as possible before they reach a pocket

I didn't know OOP and coding standards while developing this one. Big main.cpp, dozens of global variables, and short uninformative identifiers. But the design turned out to be good and some people liked the game. Maybe I'll make something in OpenGL based on this.

Publisher's description of Strategic Billiard

Freeze the time in this unusual billiards simulator. While in pause, the player can do a lot of things with the balls: make them jump, blow at them with a fan, tilt the table, accelerate, and perform other actions impossible in reality. It's possible to change the speed and the direction of a ball by striking it multiple times with a cue, setting up magnets and deflectors, and applying other tools - all of this in the same turn.


License = F R E E

Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server


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nice............ one.........

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