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Incorporate the following ingredients in your diet:

Love garlic: Not only can garlic help your body stay young by fighting heart disease and cancer, it may also prolong the life span of normal skin cells and help them maintain their youthful shape, according to preliminary laboratory studies.

Eat protein: Protein is also very essential to keep your skin looking young and youthful. Great source of protein is fish and chicken.

Letgo of fatty food: Medical research has shown that dietary fat is a primo generator of free radicals, the naturally occurring unstable molecules that damage your body's healthy molecules by stealing their electrons and, in the process, contribute to aging and wrinkle. Thus stick to a low-fat diet.

Avoid alcohol and smoking: Go easy on the spirits. Making too much merry can make your skin suffer a lot. Not only does that morning-after puffiness contribute to wrinkles, but alcohol also dehydrates you, which is anything but good for your skin. Also avoid smoking as it has been linked to premature wrinkles since it lessens circulation to surface capillaries.

Get plenty of water: You should drink eight glasses of water a day. However the more water you drink is better for your skin.

Eat right: Eat a balanced diet with lots of nutritional food. Proper balanced diet is the key to a healthy and beautiful skin.

Some important tips
To delay the formation of wrinkles you should become aware of staying out of the sun as much as possible. If you must be in the sun, always use a sunscreen.

Try to think about your face several times a day and totally relax all your facial muscles. Avoid frowning and habitually smooth out your wrinkled forehead.

Avoid formation of crow's feet, which are wrinkles in the corners of your eyes, by becoming aware of times when you are squinting.

Try to keep your hands away from your face since rubbing your eyes or sitting with your chin on your hand tends to push the face out of its natural position and stretches delicate skin.

Spend 15 minutes each morning and evening exercising the muscles in your face.

Be aware that constant weight gain or loss can cause the skin to sag, as can improper dental hygiene.

When putting on creams or make up always lightly stroke it upward onto your neck and face.

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