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08-21-2007, 09:06 AM
Paris Hilton is reportedly set to star in reality TV series Big Brother.

The former jailbird has been offered 300,000 pounds to appear in the Channel 4 programme scheduled for January 2008.

The offer makes the hotel heiress the highest paid celebrity on the show so far.

A Big Brother source said that the show’s bosses are in talks to rope in The Simple Life star.

“We told Paris, ‘Name your price’. We’re in firm talks, and it would be a fantastic coup to get her,” the Sun quoted an insider, as saying.

Another source said that Hilton wants to disprove her ‘bimbo’ and ‘wild child reputation’.

“She wants people to see that she’s not a bimbo or a wild child,” the source said.

"She would easily be the star of the show — but obviously she won’t do it unless the money is right,” the source added.

However, there is no news on other inmates on the show.

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