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Alex Rider Style Spy Surveillance Software for your Mobile Phone

Why is all the cool stuff only ever found in the movies? Why do the likes of James Bond and Alex Rider always get the trendy gadgets to play with? Well now you can be a real life cunning super-spy. iCamCU is a groundbreaking new piece of mobile phone spy software that comes with the added bonus of a motion detector. iCamCU can turn your Symbian OS mobile phone into an undercover surveillance device.

The concept is simple: You place your phone in a location of your choice, turn on the motion detector within the software on the phone. Then go out. If your iCamCU enable phone detects movement within its field of view it sends live video and audio footage to any other mobile of your choice so you can see what is going on. You can also send a text message to the phone to receive a picture message of what’s going on at anyone time or activate the sound recorder that will record what is being said in the vicinity of the phone. The software even comes with a stealth mode allowing the phone to become a completely covert device for all you super sleuths out there.

This software to date has mainly been used by people checking on their homes, boats and pets when they were away, but with the new motion detector now available, the possibilities of usage are endless. Without actually wanting to promote voyeurism, an iCamCU enabled phone could "check up on friends and family" any time of day or night. The phone could be potentially hidden in all sorts of embarrassing places.

A suspicious person could use iCamCU to spy on their suspected cheating partner, a parent could check up on their Childs nanny without their knowledge or it could even be used as your very own big brother device to catch your housemate stealing your food or alcohol which they keep on insisting they “don’t touch.”

iCamCU provides you with a fly-on-the-wall view of what's going on 24/7 - and yes, only your imagination (and local legislation) prevents you from coming up with additional uses. iCamCU is the perfect device for suspicious minds.

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Overland Park, Kan. -- Women today are a diverse group, but they have at least one thing in common: they rely on their wireless phones more than ever. Sprint announced today the results of "Women in a Wireless World," a compilation of female-centric data points from recent Sprint surveys. The findings show that 89 percent of female wireless-phone subscribers say their wireless phone is a time-saver and more than 50 percent make at least half of their calls from their wireless phone.

The survey findings show that when compared to men, women are more likely to want their phone within reach 24 hours a day (37 percent to 30 percent). Communicating with family beyond just making phone calls is certainly one reason: seventy percent of woman indicate they text message with family members, and 61 percent indicate they take pictures of their family with a camera phone.

Women are also more interested in ring tones than men (54 percent compared to 42 percent) and are more likely to use ring tones to personalize their phone (81 percent compared to 75 percent). More than two-thirds of women say they choose to personalize items because it's fun, and 45 percent do so to differentiate their items from others. The wireless phone is the number two item women want to personalize (56 percent), coming in just after computer screen (68 percent) and beating out hairstyle (32 percent). The style of mobile phone overwhelming preferred by women? The flip phone, garnering 72 percent of responses.

"Women have unique needs and preferences when it comes to the features and look of their wireless phones and accessories," said Muller. "Sprint is committed to offering a variety of wireless services, phone styles and colors and is the only wireless carrier to offer fashion cases from two of the leading handbag designers, Dooney & Bourke and Nicole Miller. Sprint is helping women in our wireless world realize the promise of mobility in their daily lives."

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Around 80% of mobile phones will be blocked on all five UK networks within 48 hours of being reported stolen in future, industry leaders have pledged.
That pledge is part of a charter to reduce phone crime launched by the Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum.

It will take effect by the year's end but will not apply to foreign networks.

Police have warned that, while it is now more difficult than in the past, blocked phones can still be illegally re-activated in the UK.

Networks 'accountable'

Jack Wraith, who chairs the MICAF, said networks had been made "accountable".

He acknowledged blocking was already commonplace when a phone was stolen but told BBC News: "Currently there is no accountability on networks where blocking phones is concerned.

"The networks are now answerable and they will get named and shamed by us if they fail to stick to the charter.

"I have every faith that they will do their best to meet the criteria laid down in the charter."

Mr Wraith stressed the move was intended to dissuade those who would consider buying a stolen phone.

He said the majority of modern mobile phones could not be re-activated and were therefore useless once blocked.

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