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The Noor Mahal (Urdu: نور محل) is a palace in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. It was built in 1872 like an Italian chateau on neoclassical lines, at a time when modernism had set in.
It was locked under a judicial order but not before most of its rich belongings were smuggled out.
Its furniture, carpets, paintings and crockery were sold almost all over the country.
Subsequent to the military takeover on Oct 12, 1999, the palace was used as an army club.
The army took almost two years restoring some its past glory. It has now been protected under the Antiquities Act of 1975,
the latest monument to be so preserved in the Punjab. The notification has, however failed to attract funds for its necessary conservation.
The building is still in army’s possession. The best use option being weighted for the nineteenth century monument include a hotel, a museum and public park.

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