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Personal Hygiene to prevent Cough and Flu infection

When you cough or sneeze…

Virus or bacteria spread because these are carried via respiratory droplets. These respiratory droplets can get in contact with surfaces – desks, keyboards, doorknobs, elevator buttons.

Some virus or bacteria stay in the air (“airborne”) for several hours.

These will be transmitted to other people around you.

And use your hands to cover your mouth, the virus or bacteria stay in your hands.
And if you touch your nose, scratch your eyes or handle food – the virus or bacteria will go inside your body through mucous membranes, the skin covering of your eyes, nose and mouth.
Or if you touch other people, like shake their hands, the virus or bacteria will be transmitted to them.
Or if you hold things (door knobs, elevator buttons, cellphones), the virus or bacteria will stay and be transmitted to others.

So, it’s best that you…

Use disposable tissue to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. If you use handkerchief, the virus or bacteria will just stay in your hanky and will spread eventually.
Dispose the used tissue right away. This will minimize further transmission of the virus or bacteria.
Wash your hands frequently.
Use alcohol-based handsanitizer frequently.
Do not touch your eyes and nose.

Proper Hand Washing Technique ....

Wet hands with water.
Apply a generous amount of soap and lather hands well.
3. Rub hands together for 20 seconds, paying attention to the areas between fingers and under nails.
4. Rinse hands thoroughly.
5. Dry hands with disposable towel.
6. Use the disposable towel to turn off the faucet.

If you have fever, cough, sore throat…

Seek immediate medical attention.
Stay at home, do not report to work.
Wear a mask to prevent spread of virus or bacteria.
Drink lots of fluids.

In the office…

Wipe out dust or dirt with paper towels and dispose of used towels in a plastic garbage bag.

Disinfect using any standard household disinfectant.

Avoid handling things that may be contaminated such as:
doorknobs, handrails, money, ATM machines,
water taps, elevator buttons, keyboards, counter
tops, food, etc.

Ensure proper disposal of contaminated

At home…

Maintain good ventilation

Keep your home environment clean,
especially toilets

When flushing, lower the toilet lid

Clean all drain outlets once a day

Shower daily after coming home
from work

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