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09-18-2010, 05:02 PM
Easy Login Assist 6.5
License model
Not available
Operating systems
Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP Additional requirements
Not available
Publisher's description
When we first started using the Internet we didn't have a whole lot of passwords to remember. We knew the passwords for our e-mail and ICQ, and that was about it. But now our whole life is online: banking, insurance, credit cards, utility bills, social networking, and much more. It's not easy to remember the passwords for all of these sites, but keeping them written down on a notepad near our desk isn't secure. Fortunately, there are programs like Easy Login Assist that can remember passwords, log you into Web sites, and much more.

Easy Login Assist isn't the most intuitive program we've ever seen, and we had to spend some time with it before we totally figured it out. The program lets users create log-in cards for particular Web sites that include the username and password, and then users simply select the desired log-in card to have Easy Login Assist log in automatically. The program also has an automatic form filler that lets users enter form information into the program and then drag and drop it into forms, but the potential usefulness of this feature was ruined for us by the fact that it only works in Internet Explorer. There are a few other useful features, including an e-mail monitor, links to favorite Web sites, and a password generator. Both the program's interface and Help file contain English that was not written by a native English speaker, which is a bit unprofessional and confusing at times. Overall, Easy Login Assist seemed pretty useful, but we like our programs a little more straightforward and with clearer documentation.

Easy Login Assist installs a desktop icon without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program to everyone.
Helps you to automatically login to websites (Portal, Mail, Forum, Bank, Intranet etc) or desktop applications (Game, IM etc). The login rule can be highly customized to meet almost any login scenarios. Protects login process from thefts of Trojan or spyware. Secure-login user mode enable you to auto-login without known passwords, which is especially suitable for internet cafe administrators. Form filling helper uses artificial intelligence techniques to automatically fill any Web page forms exactly, or to automatically fill any form fields by dragging and dropping. Safely manages your private information including account, passwords, contact info, memos, privacy files etc. It also contains functions of catalog management, runtime protection, login tracking, database backup and restore.The user database can either be stored locally or online with hardware binding encryption (Machine, USB Disk, Web Disk) and password encryption to ensure your data cannot be stolen by others. The encryption algorithms is of industry-standard (AES, RC2, RC4, DES, 3DES, CYLINK_MEK). Built-in some security tools such as file encryptor, password generator, email reminder, privacy favorites, computer toolbox etc. Supports most of browsers such as IE, Firefox, Safari, Google, Maxthon etc, with no plug-in required and no resource occupation of browser.

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