View Full Version : Antigua Guatemala won an award as the Top City in The World

07-11-2010, 09:10 PM
Antigua Guatemala won an award as the Top City in The World

Antigua Guatemala was chosen by specialist travel magazine Wanderlust Travel Awards and won the 2009


1 Antigua, Guatemala 97.78%

2 Kyoto, Japan 95.56%

3 Boston, USA 95%

4 Kraków, Poland 94.67%

5 Havana, Cuba 94.29%

6 Damascus, Syria 93.33%

7 Luang Prabang, Laos 93%

8 Cuzco, Peru 92.73%

9 Sydney, Australia 92.06%

10 Tallinn, Estonia 91.43%

A town of bougainvillea-lined streets and top-class language schools huddled by three volcanoes, Antigua HAD Some Passionate advocates. I rated it so highly for a number of Reasons, Annabelle Taylor said reader. It has an abundance of beautiful old colonial churches, a wonderful vibrant market, incredibly kind people and Fernandos Serve the best coffee!

Also Its addictive: I first visited Antigua When I was traveling around Central America in 2005 and Fell in love with the town so much so That, for the Past three summers, I Have Worked as a volunteer teacher there! Sharon Hodgkins Told us.