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06-04-2010, 08:59 AM
Dear One,
This is a nice venture you have created.Its a pleasant one to have various
information,lovely photos,social matters etc...In this connection I have few
suggestions as under:
1.Political matters should not be considered for transmitting to Members of
Nidokido group e.g.for Israel for the present

2.English language is versatile language to understand any other matter.
3.Other languages may not help to grasp the power of matter though it could
have been much appreciable.
4.For other language,it can be translated and mentioned with some marks
to know the details.

5.The images i.e.photographs received from middle of April are wavy and had a
digital marks.The image will not be clearly visible.

6.Zubia Kiran articles on some Social matters bringing marvellous thinking.Which are
awesome.Congratulate Zubia on behalf me.

7.Whatever photos are given here may have some note with it which will enlighten
the situation and one can enjoy it.

8.Regarding recent erruption in Iceland,the matter should have been with
geographical history,location of place with country will perfectionise the
details.This may take sometime or may be labour oriented but it will be a very
good document.

I don't know how far you will reach to the target,but hope you will try for the
same.This is not the comment but to improve the web site powerfully.
Thanking your whole group and memebers of the NidoKido.
Sincerely yours,
Sharadchandra T. Desai...3/6/2010

06-05-2010, 09:24 AM
reply from admin

1. brother political information should not be avoided. its a part of our lives. wrong political decisions by a nation is the reason for its downfall.

2. we try to send 99 percent mails in English

brother i am thankful for reporting these issues.