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05-03-2010, 04:04 PM
Forum Moderator or simply a mod is a person who has some special powers than normal member of the forums given by forum Administrator. Lets see what Wikipedia has to say about The Moderator.

A Forum Moderator, often shortened to just mod, is a person granted special powers to enforce the rules of an internet forum (message board) or electronic mailing list. Almost all moderators on all forums can move discussions to different sections of the forum, close discussions, edit the content of individual postings, answer questions (or help people with problems), and stick discussions so they remain visible in their forum section even if no new postings are made to them. Different forums may give their moderators further powers, such as being able to block/ban people from the message board.

Being a Moderator to any forum is a job of responsibility and trust, trust which the Administrator have on his moderator. On many ways moderator plays an important role in the growth of whole community forum. I am trying to write this article which can help moderators to play there role more efficiently with some important points keeping in mind which I am sharing it here.

When you get this good news on your Personal Message (PM) by your Administrator, “You are appointed as the Moderator of our community forum; hope you will take this responsibility”
The first things you do is reply with your heart and give your thanks to the Admin for giving you this opportunity. Now follow these guidelines:

1. Being the moderator of any community forum you should be aware of each and every activities going on inside the forums, who posted today, who replied where and what? And who came online, I understand that this is a tough job and sometimes impossible to have track on everything for big community boards with high traffic and activities but “try your level best”

2. Understand that appointed you as a mod of the forum your Administrator put his trust on you that you are going to do your duty and responsibility with truth, hard work and perfection, so please don’t break the Admin’s trust.

3. Be friendly but not over friendly with members of your community, do not entertain members by giving them support via Personal Message unnecessary when you can do that from forums it self.

4. Don not get rude or behave frustrated to the questions of members, its there right to ask you and that’s your part of duty to answer and support them.

5. Keep making new quality post which encourage users to reply that and make your contribution in user’s started thread, give them a bunch of flower icons or clap icons for every good post they make.

6. Keep in touch with Admin and inform him about your activity or ideas you get into your mind in the favour of the community forum.

7.Being as mod doesn’t mean that every one in forum should listen to you, be down to earth and keep ego in your dustbin, if get frustrated have a glass of water but don’t show attitude to users.

8. The Admin appointed you and while doing so he guided you with work he has given you, don’t do more than that to impress him…you can even loose your reputation by doing so.

9.Be punctual and keep yourself online in forum whether you find your admin offline, let him sleep for sometime because he knows that you are there to help him.

10. If you have supporting moderator or colleague than be friendly with them but be away from gossips, jealousy, politics and things which may take your community forum into a wrong way.

11.Don't argue with your colleague in forum board where other members and guests can also read it, it will show a bad impression for you and your team which will going to effect the whole forum site which comes up with the hard work of your Admin.

12. Give your time to off topics also and forget for sometime that you are mod, be like a member and play some light forum games too. It will make good and healthy relations with others.

P.S: I did not compile this. This article is a copy/paste from another forum. I do not take any credit for this.

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Being the moderator of any community forum you should be aware of each and every activities going on inside the forums,

guys..........do u folow this one............

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yea agree mahima

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