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Lanka De Silva
04-02-2010, 07:09 AM
dear moderator

i'm lanka de silva a newly joint member of ur yahoo group. but from recently there is problem with my mails that i sent nidokidos. there were not publish yet. i can show you the details
26/03/2010 coming soon - review of the new movies
27/03/2010 Holy Week (Palm Sunday - Easter Sunday)
28/03/2010 sign of spring - for northern hemisphere
yesterday01/04/2010 the sun

please check these mails. there were not published. i hope u will examine it and get necessary action about that

lanka de silva

04-02-2010, 08:48 AM
hi lanka

ye i saw your emails. but they were not in correct format. there was some problem with images.

please note that we appreciate if images are hosted on tinypic or imageshack. otherwise they should be placed as embeded attachments.

Lanka De Silva
04-04-2010, 05:14 PM
but i sent several mails before that problem allready reached to nidokidos

as examples

Record setters Fri, 19/3/10
2010 Winter Paralympics - Discovering your Ability Thu, 18/3/10
Scenes from Kenya Fri, 12/3/10
Chile, after the earthquake, tsunami.
The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

i sent it same way also those mails

so please check my problem if u can. because from nidokidos i found good friend india, bangladesh pakisthanand many countries after these mails so please today 04/04/2010 i send another mail again "holy week" please check it

yours lanka

04-05-2010, 11:34 AM
lanka i know that. your previous emails was also in the same format. but as we decided to arrange them properly, so those emails were prepared again and we changed their format. but every time it will not happen. we can not re-format mails every time, as it consumes lots of time.

secondly please keep in mind that some times we have to reject messages even if it is full filling all the requirements. thats what moderation is all about , because we have to select the best of the messages. so it is not necessary that every message get approved. we select best of the message.

so keep sending the good stuff , we see each and every message with attention and select best of them.