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05-27-2007, 09:55 AM
It surprises me to see the current trend of altered sexual preferences in men. More & more men are turning bi-sexuals in India.Gone are the days when 'homosexuality'was considered a 'mental deformity'.

Now,have we ever asked any of them,'why are you a homo/bi-sexual?'

I am trying to locate a couple of links.


Some men love to think themselves as women as they are brought up in female-centred families. I have seen mothers treating their kids(boys) as daughters.....draping saris, applying lipcolours, putting bindis on foreheads etc etc.
It seriously affects the mental structure of those growing boys who start to realise that they are being appreciated by their families when they look,talk,sit & walk like the girls.

Some find/believe themselves incompetent to act/behave like men. Contributing factors are short length of the penis, obesity,slightly elevated breasts(no, I am not refering it to Gynecomastia),lack of body hair,feamle-like voice etc. All these have a profound effect effect on men's behavoiural pattern.
They nurture the thought that they could be in a better/safe position(both socially & physically) had they been ladies.

I have seen grown up boys with mental blockage about male sexuality. They sometimes reveal a past history of physical harrasment/torture by elderly males & at times by ladies !


They may/may not carry influences as mentioned above.

Couples where both the partners are pursuing their careers rarely dedicate quality time towards satisfactory sex-life. This 'not so happening' conjugal life is compelling men to think and act otherwise. They try to find out avenues to fulfil their physical urges. Such men hire young boys & have sex with them keeping in mind that to have sex with professional/casual ladies may fetch serious social/financial/emotional/physical burdens in the long run.

Readers/Analysts/Journalists are welcome to comment.

05-27-2007, 03:44 PM
well people have become broad minded to except them.... :smt017

05-28-2007, 11:43 AM
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07-04-2007, 01:53 PM
It is a feeling that is saturated in the deep senses and the attraction towards other men is varying accordingly. It is unchanged and it is there. I know so many of these people worry for there situations because of that feelings that are not amendable by any means.

So this feeling is just another feeling like attracted to smoking or any addictions but it is like I said a feeling that is in the deep sense that is not to compromise.

Or is that a weakness or is that a tragedy or is it another sharing of love?

This feeling is not right that is all about this bi sexual

But what if it had given by the nature and if it had transformed by the blood


07-04-2007, 03:08 PM
i think it has nothing to do with blood or genetics.

it is because of 3 reasons

1) as the people are becoming modern , the difference between the appearance of males and females is becoming smaller and smaller. if you notice hair style , face makeup, physical strength , talking style , way of living , lots of things in males and females are becoming common. and these things are attracting people towards these un natural behavior.

2) as the time is passing , democratic governments are giving more power to the people. if people will say that drugs are ok for them , their democratic goverment will allow them ???? i think that even freedom requires some limitations. if some people want to have un-natural relationship , they should be socially boycotted. and they should not be support by govt. or media.

i dont say thats gays or lesbians were not existed in the past , but they were never supported by govt. and media as now. and i think that govt.s and media owners are projecting such sexual feelings which are not natural. if you notice , sex is some thing which is related to senses. now what makes sense ??? a lot of factors , including media. today the media available on sex is not educational but it misguides the young ones. it dont create sense but it creates a nonsense. and we are watching the results now.

07-09-2007, 10:04 PM
Dear Admin, I think your reasons are right for certain extent, Do you feel this senses can be diminished or destroyed if there aren’t any support from either publicity sources or the government legislations. I do not agree to these.

The senses can be replaced as you said in 1st Para, if there is another sense takes place it can be replaced. So I feel it is very different and difficult to play with every individual whom are attracted to each other.

So again it is a feeling of attraction can you admin another persons “untold personal values”

07-11-2007, 02:25 PM
no i dont say that senses can be demolished , but such nonsense should not be published on the media.

i give you an example . a few months ago , extra weak female models were not allowed to take part in fashion shows in england. what was the reason? Govt. told the media that such weak/sick models are too weak , and by advertising them as a model , other women will try to copy them , and it will make a sick trend in society.

why dont they implement the same on the other media. if you will show action and blood in the movies , what will be result???

similarly if Govt. don't ban such nonsense relationships in media , which are not natural , what will be the result ? with the time , people will not only accept these relationship natural , but also there will be a sick trend in the society to copy them.

12-15-2007, 11:23 AM
no body replie?
hey every body has a right to disagree with me :)