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02-25-2010, 11:48 AM
a few days ago , i have to talk to a webhosting company representative.

here is the chatting detail

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'lena'

lena: Welcome! This is lena, please let me know how can I assist you today?

you: hi

lena: Hi

you: i want an account

you: for asp with mysql

you: what are the options available?

lena: We have the best package for that now- the Windows Unlimited pro.

lena: It supports MySQL 5 and asp 1.1.,2.0 and 3.5

lena: Would you like to see the pricing?

you: asp.net is also supported?

lena: Yes, asp.net is also supported.

you: nothing is unlimited in this world :) anyways

you: yes please give me the url for the prices

lena: :-)

lena: here is the URL:

lena: http://www.*****whatever***.com/index.php/v2/pages.hostingPlans the prices you see there are for Linux account, the prices for Windows account are typed at the bottom of this page

lena: Windows Unlimited Pro Plan LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER:

lena: 3 Year Billing Cycle $9.95 x 36 = $358.20

lena: 2 Year Billing Cycle $9.95 x 24 = $238.80

lena: 1 Year Billing Cycle $10.95 x 12 = $131.40

lena: 6 Months Billing Cycle $12.95 x 6 + $30 Setup = 107.70

lena: 3 Months Billing Cycle $15.95 x 3 + $30 Setup = $77.85

lena: We offer our clients to order 3 year registration, as it has the best competitive price and will actually save your money.

lena: By the way I've got something special for you. Here is my personal Employee Code for you: ########. If you mention it in the "Employee Code" field during your registration of any our products or services and I will be able to track and expedite your order by setting a high priority on it, that will avoid all possible mistakes and save your time.

you: disk storage in unlimited for every account....

you: data transfer is unlimited...

you: thats suspecious

lena: You may refer to our tos for that- http://www.+++++++++++++++.com/index.php/v2/pages.tos

lena: our web Hosting offers high-limit or unlimited amounts of disk space and/or other resources, such as bandwidth transfer, email or FTP accounts. The intention is to provide ample resources for customer convenience, so that customers needn't to worry about exceeding limits.

you: ok , what about the load , how i can get idea , that how much load this shared server can take

you: can you give me an idea about that?

lena: For example you can have about 150 gb disk space and you have have about 50 000 visitors per month

you: approximately 1500 visitors daily

you: guests or registered?

lena: Guests

you: and can u give me an idea about the registered users.

lena: You can have as many registered users as you need- I mean that you can have about 50 000 unique visitors on the site, that includes both guests or registered users

you: hmmmm

you: how much maximum users can it take simultaneously...

lena: let me provide you the details.

lena: Let me bring to your attention that although we provide unlimited features for most of our plans, there are certain restrictions imposed by shared nature of our hosting environment such as number of simultaneous connections to the site which is not suggested to be more than 60. Besides suggested limitation of site connection, there is 50 connections per database user limit.

lena: In case your site will use more than 20% of server CPU resources, we will notify you in shortest period of time for you to optimize your scripts and lower server resources usage.

lena: In case your site exceeds above values, itís possible that you will need to have Virtual Private Hosting(VPS)

lena: We have started to provide VPS and if you want I can provide you more details on VPS plans

you: no ,i am launching a new website , i will start with shared one

you: can you give me the server machine details

lena: Ok, so then you can start with the shared hosting.

you: processers

lena: Yes, sure.

lena: Server configuration:

lena: Make: Dell PowerEdge 2650

lena: Processors: DUAL Intel Xeon 2.8GHz, 512K Cache

lena: Technology: HyperThreading, 533MHz Front Side Bus

lena: Memory: 6.0GB DDR at 266MHz Frequency

lena: Redundant AC Power: 2x500 Watt Power Supplies

lena: Hard Drives: 5x146GB 10K RPM Ultra 320 SCSI

lena: Total Capacity: 730GB working redundant via RAID5

lena: Networking: Intel Pro 1000MT Dual Port Gigabit

you: ok thats great

lena: :-)

you: can i know how much accounts you share on a single machine?

lena: Please don't forget to mention "#########" in the Employee Code field on the 3rd ordering page if you decide to sign up, I will be able to put the order as a first-priority order and it will be processed faster.

lena: About 80 domains

you: ok elena

you: it was great conversation

you: i will remember bang

you: will it give me a discount too?

lena: No, that doesn't give discount- it's my personal Employee code, which you can use for fast order processing(it will be processed in the first priority)

you: ok thank you very much elena

you: i will keep that in mind

you: see u

lena: You are welcome anytime, thanks for chatting with me.

lena: Bye bye.

lena: Should have any further questions, feel free contact us at anytime. We are available 24/7.