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12-15-2009, 11:59 AM
Affirmation Screensaver 2.1
License model :
Free to try
Limitations :
5-day trial
Operating systems :
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98
Additional requirements :
Windows 98/XP/Vista, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
Publisher's description
Inspired by the movie "The Secret" this screensaver is exactly in line with the teachings of the law of attraction. Loaded with over 120 different Affirmations and inspiring quotes, and over 20 great stock images. This screensaver can help you manifest anything you want out of life. Suggested use: Create a folder in your "My Pictures" folder for use as a vision board, then find pictures of the things you want to have, to do, or to become. Next, in the settings menu of the screensaver, select that folder and that will be the pictures you see on the screen. Last, each time you come to your computer and find the screensaver running, take a moment and feel the affirmations as absolute truths, feel the way you will feel when you have the items pictured. And believe that it will all happen. And it will.

12-15-2009, 12:02 PM
http://www.nidokidos.org/userpix/38570_0000_3.jpg (http://download.cnet.com/3001-2257_4-10664556.html)