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12-10-2009, 05:06 PM
(from Audi Press Release) I. Premise: 2030 - Future of the driving environment

Future generations will be born into a comprehensive digital environment. Enchanted by technology, drivers will be accustomed to the convenience of automation in their vehicles. The next generation of vehicles will provide autonomy far beyond today’s vision. Although autonomous driving will provide safety, efficiency, and convenience, it can also lead to a detached and sterile driving experience. Audi, true to its “Vorsprung durch Technik” philosophy, showcases two vehicles that are truly engaging in addition to the aforementioned advancement.

Remember the excitement of your first time behind the wheel?
Here are two examples of capturing that kind of youthful experience.

II. Vehicle concepts: The dream, and living the dream

1. Audi eSpira: The Aspiration – An ultimate technological tour-de-force whose image will stir every kid’s imagination. Audi in its most uncompromised form, the eSpira functions as an extension of your body and its senses. Using next generation vehicle control logic, the eSpira takes even the smallest body movements and gestures of the driver into consideration to provide an unsurpassed command of the drive. The most direct, fluid form of vehicle control is only thoughts away.

2. Audi eOra: The Essence – An accessible representation of freedom and coming of age for the young (and young at heart) A “sport” vehicle that shares the same control logic as the eSpira. Extremely dynamic and efficient, the Audi eOra has a small footprint and unmatched agility. Like a downhill skier, the eOra carves the roadscape with precision. By constantly adapting to the driver’s movements and intentions, the eOra and its driver move harmoniously as one with unrivaled dexterity.

These vehicles encompass the core Audi experience: progressive, imaginative and visceral.

Authentically youthful driving experiences.

Pics Below

12-10-2009, 05:06 PM