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11-25-2009, 05:48 PM
Different Ways To Lace Shoes - 4


5. Straight (Easy) Lacing

This is a simplified variation of Straight (Bar) Lacing where one end runs straight from bottom to top whilst the other end steps through the eyelets.


Lacing Technique:

1. The lace runs straight across the bottom (grey section) and the ends are fed into both bottom eyelets.
2. One end of the lace (blue end) is fed straight up the left side all the way to, and emerges from, the top left eyelet.
3. The other end (yellow end) runs straight up the right side, emerges and runs straight across the second set of eyelets.
4. The same end (yellow end) works its way up and across back and forth through the remaining eyelets.


# Even number of eyelet pairs = Neat look
# End lengths shift
# Odd number of eyelet pairs = Messy look

This lacing is best suited to shoes with even numbers of eyelet pairs (eg. 6 pairs = 12 eyelets). The picture at left shows one workaround to this limitation for use on shoes with odd numbers of eyelet pairs (eg. 7 pairs = 14 eyelets). See my Straight (Bar) Lacing (http://www.nidokidos.org/different-ways-to-lace-shoes-3-t40387.html) page for some other workarounds.

Sports / Military Advice:
Like other straight lacing methods, Straight (Easy) Lacing has an additional benefit for sporting or military use: The upper horizontal sections of shoelace can be quickly cut through with a knife or scissors in order to more easily remove a boot from a broken, sprained or otherwise injured ankle or foot.

Note that most military forces have regulations for just about everything, so I'd recommend that military personnel check before they adopt this, or any other, possible non-regulation lacing method!