View Full Version : Summary of 12th May

05-13-2007, 11:50 PM
Let me tell you all from begining that actually what happened. I dont exactly remember all the dates but you will observe from the article.

Cheif Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry was said to resign from his post because he was found guilty to use his powers.

In reply Cheif Justice said he is been trapped in a planning and he wont resign from his post because he was not guilty at all.

He presented that he was not guilty and whole country Pakistan was with him for fight with government.

Now the war of Cheif Justice and Pakistan's people began with government of Pakistan.

Cheif Justice announced for rallies at peshawar and lahore. The rallies went peacefully and their were no deaths no terrorist activities in people there was no loss of lives and property, in both ralies.

Now for the first time Cheif Justice announced rally on 12th May at Karachi. There some unknown worth surprising many unknown gunmen made a great loss to karachi in a single day and Government of Sindh, Sindh Police and Rangers did nothing.

It is also blammed that there was hand of political parties in this act its true or not i can't say anything.

150 People Dead. 110 InJured. 1 Petrol Pump set on fire. 70-100 vehicles set on fire. and media was also made target there was continues 6 hrs firing on AJJ Television office. Even One Ambulance driver was killed!

It is blammed that if Cheif Justice Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry would have decided not to announce rally in karachi these things would not have happened. But some talks have proved that there is no reality in this thing. Because if there would be the hand of Cheif Justice there would have been terrorist activities in lahore and peshawar as well. This was all source from news and talks. There was no my comment in it. I dont know who is guilty who is not.