View Full Version : My Soul

Jasmine Surve
05-12-2007, 11:15 AM
My Soul
Maybe it was the way
you looked me in the eye
when I saw you today
that makes me want to die

i found love still there
when your green eyes met mine
what do we share?
I'm running out of time

I need to feel strong
i need to live again
so i can move on
and be happy again

I feel im doing it again
im loving you once more
I'm putting myself on the edge again
and wondering what im here for

Im trying not to love you
im keeping my head above this
but i i dont know what to do
because im losing my grip

im drowning again
please dont hold me under
im still trying to mend
but im starting to surrender

to this feeling inside
to this love i feel
its so hard to hide!
my soul you are starting to kill.

Written by - Jade