View Full Version : How freinds breaks up....

05-03-2007, 11:06 AM
Its really very tough when a nice friendship comes to an end.
u miss him/her, he/she misses u.
and u know u may/may nt get a chance 2 talk with him/her again.
but really its very painful n sad.
but why does it come to an end?

here is a reason for it :

Both the friends think the other is busy and will not contact thinking that it may disturb the other....

As time passes both think "let the other contact....."
After that each will think "why should i contact first....?"

Here ur LOVE will be converted into EGO & HATE.......
Finally without any contact the memory becomes weak....
And they forget each other...

Finally one fine day they meet n blame one another....

So keep in touch with all your frnds....

So contact ur friends now...
n keep in touch.... :smt014

05-08-2007, 01:32 PM
At least theres one thing that I agree with you completely. learn to respect, and keep in touch with your friends.it isnt hard work but just a little effort with a lot of heart.
Remember friends are forever if you really want them to be.
smile :smt003