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08-31-2009, 03:45 PM
a response from nidokidos member from ethopia

Here I want to thanks all of you who can encourage me in all things that
includes knowledge,skills,expreiance,rfreshment and other so many experts so I
want to thanks you from heart especially with connect to islams and educational
experts as well as funny messages therefore even if Iam not perfect English
speaker and writer please excuse for that, and I am your nidokidos members If
you want about me I will introduce like this:My name is not new for all of you
but to enssure more my name is HUSSEN AHMED LULO, my country is ethiopian,
profession is uversity studdent second year by accounting departements I am
about 21years old.My hope is to complete education then I will come to American
and enjoy with all of you. suggetion for yo, It is excellent e-mail that meet
me from you including full of quantity and quality. generally please excuse me
for the grammatical mistakes please correct it for yourself if its possible I
will write for you in OROMIC OR AMARIC I want to write more improved message in
the following days till that by...by! I love you my nidokidos members!!

08-31-2009, 03:49 PM