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08-06-2009, 04:10 AM
As a young boy Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) wanted to become actor and worked only on that. He visited 100 agencies 700 hundred times and every time they rejected him.

He got married and his wife did everything to make him work, but he said that he would lose his interest in becoming actor if he worked. One day he was so in need of money that he sold his wife`s jewelry. When she found that out she left him. At last he had to sell his dog for 15$dollars or something.

He had just written the script of Rocky and again with those 15$ dollars went to the agencies, many of them rejected him at last one agency wanted to buy his script for 36000 dollars. But the deal wasnt sat because he wanted to be the main caracter, something they said was impossible. Sylvester goes home and after two days they call from the agency and offers him 50 thousands dollars but still he says no I am Rocky I have to be the main caracter. At last they agree to pay 36000$ and give him the role.

The first thing he does is to go find his dog back, he waits there in two days til he finds the man on the street and buys his dog back for 25000$ dollars and he promises the man a roll in his movie.

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