View Full Version : lol..a hot conversation abt bible and quran.u can feel it!

07-31-2009, 02:38 AM
lol...just now i chat with this aoly in my facebook!....i dono wr the hell she came from....but i removed her from my friend list after this conversation.

i tried to convince her ....but no use...but this is also damn funny!

u can feel at last how retard with this.....look at the time also...midnight..

here is the conversation:


hi,jesus likes u in india?

jesus is with u...

are u ready to meet jesus ??


Slow down lady!....hi..hw r u??


We are so bless to have the power of God alive in our lives~ The first time he came, he came as a lamb to sacrafise his life for all..when he returns again he comes as a lion to rule and destroy...... R U READY? JESUS IS COMING~


I believe in u.....tell me wr r u from ??


las vegas,NY
r u a christian ?? wat is ur first name..??


nope indian muslim


Islam is a lie and ur prophet is lie!


lol....r u wake up from ur day sleep??...lol last night any horror movie??

1:35am Aoly

if you are not a chrisitian you can not go to heavn.

1:39am Aoly

Jesus is the only way to God. All those other relgions out there is satans deception.

muhammed is a lie, because he lied about Jesus dying on the cross. Jesus had to die on the cross so that we may live.


lol...but i studied that jesus will no die in cross....

he will be held in 7th sky so that he can be reborn in some other day to tell people abt the truth that he is just a prophet not a god!


Jesus did die in the cross you must study the bible only

the bible is inspired by the breath of god.,


thats wht u beleive as jesus will reborn again..


no that is truth. muhammed is a false prophet and he lies so that muslims will not recieve salvation.

no salvation no heaven.


lol......look at dubai.....its already heaven..

they can get ...watever they need

saudi reals are more expensive than any other..

more than 90 % of oil to world is getting from there

Aoly is no longer online. The following was not sent:

dont u think...its becoz of they r loyal to god??


God is not about money. money is the devil.

2:01am M.Mohammed

then..salvation is not also god

2:01am Aoly

salvation means gods saves.

god saved us through Jesus christ.

you must believe this and remove yourself from islam.

2:02am M.Mohammed

yeh..thats right

2:02am Aoly

if you die in islam you will not go to heaven.

heaven are only for souls that are in his spirits.


god saves u through jesus

2:03am M.Mohammed

yeh..i accept...

there are more description of heaven in quran

have u seen heaven??..then why r u bluffing abt that??

2:04am Aoly

you accept that Jesus died for ur sins.

see to rid the sins in our lives we must be dead to our sins.

2:06am M.Mohammed

wat happens in early times is, peoples do more sins,they dono wat they r doing , drinkin beers, wines ..everyday partying...so more sins are roaming at that time ..so god decide to send his prophet to collect that sins..

thats why he(jesus) is getting all sins from u..and u r still making sins.....dont u get it??...u r hurting him like hell

2:08am M.Mohammed

one day the control is way over the limit and god decide to rescue his man..so he took away him from u...

2:09am M.Mohammed

and held him somewhere in the sky with purpose...when one day in future u should tell the truth

2:10am Aoly

he save man by jesus. only christians are saved and only jesus get to go to heaven.

2:10am M.Mohammed

wat abt others who did good things??

2:11am Aoly

the devil is deceptive. when the anti christ comes he will do many good thing.

the only true goodnss is whatever God did in his spirit.

2:17am M.Mohammed

lol....u r very religious and ...i think u should get good counseling abt the religious views!..

2:19am Aoly

no you can never get to heaven with religion, god wants a relationship.

2:20am M.Mohammed

as u can c from u now ,....1.ur religion seed sorrow and bad impression on other religions in the world....2.this makes u not a good person 3.by this u failed to respect other religions. 4.this makes u getting involved too much in wat u read and make u mad or simply psyco

2:20am Aoly

you do tis by living your life for and thru Jesus.

you do tis by living your life for and thru Jesus.

2:20am M.Mohammed

so my advice is better read more than one holy books and know the truth..

all religion tell us good things and peace

in every religion there will be pros and cons


only the bible. everything else is like the snake in the garden.

Jesus was sent into our world to die for our sins. for the wages of sins is death.

the gift of eternal life is only thru Jesus christ.

2:22am M.Mohammed

lol....u r again towards the stories telling in church...

i gone church many times..on sunday..to ask the fathers about the stories he is perching in chrch...

2:23am Aoly

you will die one day and if you do not embrace the gift of God you will not have your sins forgiven.

2:24am M.Mohammed

and also every friday is new day to us..on that also we get good preaching from our elders...

2:24am Aoly

anyone that die with unforgiven sins will go to the place of death, this is helll. no money or power can buy you out of there.

2:24am M.Mohammed

both things are same....."PEACE"

2:24am Aoly

this is why the devil have many false religions.

2:25am M.Mohammed

yeh...devil have its own way ....especially like wat u r chatting now..."seeded false impression abt other religion in ur mind "

2:26am Aoly

Jesus christ is the son of god. he was made by the spirit of god born of a virgin.

this is a miracle birth. God is the author of miracles.

2:28am M.Mohammed

i know that...

everybody know that

tell me something ............R U F** CRAZY.....huh??

I m going to remove u from friend list....leave me alone u book nerd

oh....sorry.!!..bible book nerd!

look...if i hurt u from above conversation.....ur jesus will take my sins...k..(be in ur way)

and my way is i will pray for u to get well soon!....good day :-) and god bless u my crazy child!


lol....but she told she will continue tommorow also......hope this thread get update tommorow!

07-31-2009, 08:56 AM
what you said about the OIL in Arab Countries??

Arab countries have oil ......its good but i don't know how you used this to convince her. :)

07-31-2009, 09:04 AM

waiting fr the update...

07-31-2009, 09:08 AM
i am a christian too but the way she expressed her views about jesus is not correct and the way she talked about islam is very wrong we christian r taught to respect other religions too!!!!!!!!!

2:20am M.Mohammed

as u can c from u now ,....1.ur religion seed sorrow and bad impression on other religions in the world....2.this makes u not a good person 3.by this u failed to respect other religions. 4.this makes u getting involved too much in wat u read and make u mad or simply psyco

and the views u have on christianity is wrong i think aola has gone a little bit crazy but u cant judge christianity depending on ones opinion as i said we christian r taught to respect all the other religions if we have failed to respect other religion then i think the world would not have been in peace their would have been war and fightings between religions

07-31-2009, 09:20 AM
yes thats right vichu.

same are the teachings of Islam.

As a muslim we are asked not to say Anything wrong about the religion of others. even if a muslim invite others towards Islam , he is asked to talk in a good convincing manner with logic and reasoning. without insulting or degrading anyone. we are asked to talk about the common things on that religion.

While conversation with a christian we both agreed on a same point that a "Good" Muslim is also a good Christian. because he is obeying all the orders of Christianity.

Every Muslim believes that Jesus is the True Messenger of God. There is no doubt about it. and we cant be a muslim without accepting this.

07-31-2009, 11:52 AM
i accept...vichu...there r some conversations i skipped ...becoz..its not right to put that in forum...she is crazy and repeating same thing like ur r an evil person,muhammed is a liar.....islam is a lie,...and even more which makes u to speak more than i did.....lol...this is not acceptable...

so i told her not to have false view over other religion and others faith."Peace"

but she is still cracking on that all are shaitan's sons and sister...blablabla....

K then, tell me something,

u r a christian right, tell me how to overcome peoples like this..in ur way...??

may be that will help me some defence while chating...as u c.....she told she will return for tomorrow..lol

07-31-2009, 12:04 PM
and about the Quotes u did,

I didnt speak about whole Christianity, i know very well about Christianity ,i do go church every sunday, i too go temple , ....wat the big idea is finding what all religion is taughting us...all r same "PEACE".

If u think i have no respect over other religions, i cannot live in my country,in my apartment itself more than 30 religions are there,we all share our good thoughts what is in our religion.

but what is told her is..she got wrong views overs other religion and fed by someone else,this will make her crazy!...so in particular adviced her....i didnt mean for whole religion.got it??

07-31-2009, 03:34 PM
ya i too felt somewat when i saw her conversation talking ill about islam i dont know how to make her stop talking like this its better to ignore her as her conversation seems crazy and not the correct way and u r right she has got all wrong views about other religion and i feel sad about it bcoz she would have been preached in this way bcoz of some false prophets and bcoz of them the whole religion is being talked badly and i am very happy to hear tht u visit church i too like to read quran but my mom doesnt allow as she is more religious and i really like to know wat is in the quran and ur teachings

07-31-2009, 04:07 PM
Waitin for the update 2 the story...

kool devil
07-31-2009, 10:26 PM
OMG.........v shud respect other religions also.....