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07-06-2009, 08:19 AM
First Offense: Informal warning from moderators/admins. This may be in the thread or by Private Message.

Second Offense: Formal warning from moderators/admins. This will be by private message. If you choose to not receive private messages, we will find another way to contact you.

Third Offense: Temporary Ban. Depending on severity, it can run between >(period maybe specified). When the ban has been lifted, you are free to continue posting.

Final Offense: Permanent ban.

Special Cases : Incase we find any person spamming then they will be banned right away.

This is a locked topic. Mods please do use it after unlocking and then lock it again. Do mention the names with their warning times. Do mention the rule name along with the link also where the mistake was committed.

07-06-2009, 08:26 AM
Name list will be here who got warning. Please do follow alphabetic order. Start from numbers (0-9) and then followed by alphabets(A-Z). This is just for easy usage. If the beginning is a symbol they are left and the number or alphabets are only considered.


1. Pradeeppotter - 1st warning - game_over

Post a reply about the rules which were used against the people along with the link.

07-22-2009, 07:58 AM
As pradeeppotter has been posting the same message again and again an warning has been given to him.

Proof is





and many other places also. nearly 10-15 posts continuously were the same replies.

This is where the complaint has been launched.


Please pradeeppotter do not spam like this giving same message

Nice post ... Dear Carry on"

GF 1 - No trashing other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).

This is just the first warning. So no need to bother. Please this is not an offense just a warning to keep nidos spam free.

So please do co-operate. Once you are proved as not a spammer your warning will be reduced by admin. Please do post appropriate replies in the posts.

NOTE - Pradeeppotter can raise a request against the warning given in problems section if you think it is unnecessary. And if admin approves then the latest warning will be canceled.