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The expert hand of the designer is needed to show off the existing characteristic features of the SL 600. The “Mega Wing” bodykit of FAB DESIGN creates a distinct accentuation without wiping off the existing qualities of the luxury Roadster.

The Design: with the innovated bodykit FAB DESIGN reaches a noticeable connection between design and function as well as the harmonious integration of the basis models.

The FAB DESIGN front skirt forms a unit together with the fender and takes up the line guidance of the SL. A big opening placed in the middle provides a lot of fresh air for the coolers. The left and right side intakes serve a lot of cooling for the brakes. Despite the enlargement of the fender, the harmony and elegance of the basic vehicle is fully preserved. The side openings with the integrated flippers below the salient enlargement act as additional cooling elements. The lightly over standing side skirts at the door bottom edge make the SL look not only sporty, but also dynamical and optically lower. Besides its creates a running transition to the clearly enlarged wheel housing of the Roadster. The cooling intakes on the rear fender provides a lot of ventilation , for a sufficient cooling for the back brake system.

The sophisticated and unique design of the rear bumper convert the SL next to the efficient aerodynamic also a breath taking optic. The lightly supported foundation of the spoiler produces an excellent down force value. Lateral cooling slits reduce the whirlwind in the wheel house, at high speed.

The design integrated four end pipes of the exhaust are a world premiere and in their kind single. The entire rear spoiler becomes a convincing composition of art (form) and aerodynamic function.

FAB DESIGN goes own ways also for the light alloy wheel. The 3-pces forged FAB DESIGN type 6 EVOLINE wheel fascinates through its own and athletically optic. The aluminium wheels look through the low bed particularly big, the polished wheelcenter gives simultaneously elegance and spirit. The visible titan screws look technical and give a sporty finish The front axle is fitted with wheels in dimensions of 10J x 20, the rear axle even with 12J x 20 inch. Dunlop Sportmax tires in the dimensions of 255/30 ZR 20 for the front axle and 305/25 ZR 20 for the rear axle, providing sufficient “Grip” by all speeds. Combined with the modificated suspension results an indescribable curvening pleasure without influencing negatively the straight run.

The already from FAB DESIGN well known Butterfly, sideways sliding doors to the top, have been consequently further developed through the FAB DESIGN engineers, so that the hinges are integrated in the fender and invisible. They let appear the car in an extravagant appearance. An own developed electronically device open the sliding doors by simply touch a button. If required they can be opened also manually.

The interior equipment is impressive at first, in harmony with the vehicle’s outside colour. The interior dominates the utilized FAB DESIGN red crocolook and make matching the outside colour . The red coloured crocostyle leather and the red piping are binding fluently with the precious surface, producing a surpassing effect.

The performance: the engineers from FAB DESIGN have developed a costly conversion that upgrades the performance of the V12 Biturbo to 650 PS and the torque to fabulous 1120 Newtonmeter. In the FAB DESIGN S60 BT performance kit only strengthen or new constructed parts are used, which in spite of high strain guarantee a long life duration, as they are usually in the (OEM) set. The mechanic and electronic of the gear unit belongs also to the extend of the upgraded performance package as well as the power of the adaptation of the brake system.

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