View Full Version : LN:-21st MAY:-Man proposes by naming horse race

Mohammad Shahjahan
05-21-2009, 04:44 AM
A British man said paying more than $6,000 to have a horse race named for his marriage proposal created "the best result of the day."
Andy Simpson, 34, said he paid $6,270 to have a race at the Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England, course named "Will You Marry Me Jodie Baker?" while his intended was in attendance, The Sun reported Wednesday.
"It worked like a dream," Simpson said. "Her face was a picture when she heard the name of the race. I thought it would be the ideal place to propose as she loves horses. We never backed a winner, but having Jodie say 'yes' was the best result of the day."
Baker, 30, who has been dating Simpson for six years, said she was stunned by the proposal -- but in a good way.
"There was no hesitation in saying yes, once the shock had worn off," she said. "I am well impressed with him. He's not normally that romantic!"