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05-21-2009, 12:32 AM
Indian spy satellite can see number plates of cars

New Delhi, April 22, 2009: Indian spy satellite launched two days ago can see even number plates of cars. This is a great achievement for a nation that has seen terrorist attacks very frequently. By using the satellite fully India may be able to foil attacks like Mumbai in future. RISAT-2 has been developed by India’s premier space agency Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in collaboration with Israel. India had launched a similar Israeli satellite last year to keep an eye on its Arab neighbors and Iran.

For ISRO and India the launch of RISAT-2 is a big achievement. ISRO had a very humble beginning. It was in fact close ties with the Soviet Union in early seventies and eighties that enabled ISRO to rapidly develop the Indian space program and advance nuclear power in India even after the first nuclear test explosion by India on May 18, 1974 at Pokhran. The death of Homi Bhabha in an air crash on January 24, 1966 came as a blow to the Indian space program. Following Bhabha's passing, Sarabhai was sent to assume Bhabha's place as the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and secretary of the Department of Atomic Energy. The 1960s also saw the founding of the Space Science and Technology Centre (SSTC), Experimental Satellite Communication Earth Station (ESCES, 1967), the Sriharikota base, and the Indian Satellite System Project (ISSP).[6] The Indian Space Research Organization in its modern form was created by Vikarm Sarabhai in 1969.[6] This body was to take control of all space activities in the Republic of India.

The prime objective of ISRO is to develop space technology and its application to various national tasks. The Indian space program was driven by the vision of Dr Vikram Sarabhai, considered as the father of Indian Space Programme.

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