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The Legend Lives: MELKUS Sportwagenbau

After the successful production of formula racecars in the 1960’s, Heinz Melkus wanted to build a sports car which would be just as suitable on the street as on the racetrack. The idea was put into action in 1969 with the help of much enthusiasm, technical reasoning, and political “tricks” needed in the former DDR. Unusual in the DDR was the production of 101 sports cars (1969-1979) on an international level under the conditions of the socialist economy. That is part of what makes the MELKUS RS1000 so valuable today.

The Legend Lives

Of the original 101 cars produced between 1969 and 1979, atleast 80 are still in existence without much chance of being sold. Due to strong demand from enthusiasts and collectors, we decided to build a limited quantity using the technical specifications from 1979. This limited edition, dedicated to the late company founder Heinz Melkus, includes 15 cars that will once again be hand-built here in our shop. Three versions are being offered: Standard Series, Street-legal Race Version, and Full Race Version. Along with the production, spare parts are being made available for the vehicles still in existence. This includes parts which were not usable for quite some time, and kept many owners from driver out of fear for damage. Since not all of the parts from the Trabant and Wartburg series are even available, used parts are also being refurbished. We are already experiencing a steady wave of support with parts being offered. We would certainly like to say thank you for all the help.

MELKUS Sportwagen KG

The businessmen behind the newly founded Company in Saxony are Peter and Sepp Melkus, son and grandson of the constructor and race Heinz Melkus, who passed away in 2005. Nearly 25 years after the former production from HEINZ MELKUS KG (driving school and sports car production), the descendants of the original founder are reliving the tradition. To continue the production, three body and vehicle builders were brought in to learn the know-how from our production specialist and put it into action. Specific services and products like the fiberglass body, cooling systems, paint, etc., are sent to partners out of house, just as it was done earlier. The partner companies are all located a short distance from the workshop.

The Workshop

For the production of this project, a small facility was added on. Final assembly as well as future repair work will be carried out in a designated section of our BMW workshop.

The Market

Starting at €48,500.00, a MELKUS RS1000 can be ordered from the current series. So far, 12 of 15 vehicles have been ordered and will be delivered by the end of 2007.


We are running the complete workshop and spare parts services, including guaranteed assistance for our new vehicles as well as previously existing MELKUS RS1000 models. For do-it-yourself activities, we are available at any time, even for historic racing events.

The Future

The step into the production of a follow-up model to the RS1000 is beginning with the current activities. The new development will profit from areas like organization of the assembly, technology, logistics, delivery, and marketing aspects, as well as risk reduction learned from current experiences.

In order to satisfy today’s technology and quality needs, our production will be supported by a professional partner.

The MELKUS RS2000 – a sports car from Saxony, built by MELKUS Sportwagenbau in Dresden.


-recognizeable as the follow-up to the RS1000
-sport coupe with ‘gullwing’ design
-possible 2 liter engine
-between 130 – 200 HP
-light weight materials
-daily driver with sport mode possible
-25 produced per year
-prototype development by spring 2008
-begin production by the second half of 2008
-cost of approx. €75,000

Pics Below

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