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Friendship SmS

don`t love friend like a flower,-
don`t love friend like a flower,--;--;<@ because a flower dies in season. Love them like a river,because a river-_-_-_-_-_-_- flows foreever.By :

Some friends are remembered
Some friends are remembered because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style. But you are remembered because you are so nice to remember. Take care.
Someday you may lose your hair
Someday you may lose your hair, your teeth, your looks, or even your memory. But there's something you won't lose. Me, coz I'll always be your friend.
I won't promise to be your friend
I won't promise to be your friend forever, coz I won't live that long. But let me be your friend as long as I live.
some thing can not be described....
some thing can not be described......
some moments can not be shared......
some feelings can not be explained....
some words can not be described.....
but.....nothing can be hidden from a true friend..

i sent u an SMS,
i sent u an SMS, It was flying in the air and it met to your SMS, which was also fyling towards me, they both fall in Love and disappeared there forever.

Friendship is not a game to play
Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn't start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.

Flowers means honey...,honey means
Flowers means honey...,honey means sweet... Sweet means desire ...,Desire means Love...,Love means Friend...,Friend means U sweet sweet...

Every second God remembers you,
Every second God remembers you, Every minute God bless you, Every hour God cares for you because... Every day I pray God to take care of U.

Wonderful people r carefully
Wonderful people r carefully created by God,wonderful moments are carefylly planned by God,wonderful friends like you are carefully gifted by God.

Love says "If u ever need anything,
Love says "If u ever need anything,I'll b there" but friendship says " You'll never need anything if I'll b there "

FRIENDSHIP knows no season,
FRIENDSHIP knows no season, knows no time, it has a sole intention of bringing two people together to a Moment called..."F O R E V E R"

FRIENDSHIP TEST,Call if U love me,Missed Call if U are a true friend ,Text back if U care, Text a joke if U like me, Just ignore if U hate ME?
The Heart of a Friend
The ,-# -.- #-.
Heart # "#" #
of "#. . #"
a Friend "#"
knows No BoundarieS,
No LimitS,
just endless Love and Care!
"Have a Great Day..."

Luv-Easy to say - Difficult to stay
Luv-Easy to say - Difficult to stay..Beautiful to feel - Difficult to deal...Difficulty is a part of Life...But That's the reason...Why Girlfriend is never a wife?

A Friend is:1% Funny2% Sweet3%
A Friend is:1% Funny2% Sweet3% Caring4% Loving and...90% Good Looking that's why...
I'm your Friend!

Feelings r many... but words are few
Feelings r many... but words are few, clouds r dark...but sky is blue, love is a paper... life is a glue, everything is false... but our friendship is true.....

Listen n Silent r 2 words
Listen n Silent r 2 words wid same alphabets but 4 me they also mean d same bcz i can Listen 2 u even wen ur SILENT. This is TRUE friendship...


A memory lasts forever,
A memory lasts forever, and never does it die. True friends stay together and never say good bye.

Of all the gifts,
Of all the gifts, big and small, your friendship is the greatest of them all.A ring is round and has no end, that's how long I'll be your friend!!!

Make your life a house
Make your life a house your heart can live in. With a door that is open to receive friends. And a garden full of memories.... of many good things.

I must have been born
I must have been born under a lucky star , to find a friend as nice as you are. I will follow the rainbow to the end , if you promise to remain my friend !!!.

You can eat and drink together,
You can eat and drink together, talk and laugh together, enjoy life together, but you are only real friends when you also cried together.

A little clown is living in my heart
A little clown is living in my heart. Small and very special. It can dance and jump, laugh and sing. Are you in pain and you need to cry, come and borrow it!

Friendship is not collection of Hearts,
Friendship is not collection of Hearts, but it is selection of hearts,All friends are not true,but true friends are very few like u

square has 4 ends triangle has
square has 4 ends triangle has 3 ends line has 2 ends life has 1 end but our friendship has no end!

Ur r 4 me as cheeze for pizza
Ur r 4 me as cheeze for pizza, passport for visa, butter for bread, needle for thread,cream for cake, water for lake,leaf for tree and a friend like u 4 me.

cant find a reason why God
I cant find a reason why God gave u to me, but that is not the question to b asked,May b the question is how did GOD knew that i needed a friend like 'U'....

A Good friend is like a Computer
A Good friend is like a Computer,Enter your life, 'Save' u in their heart,'format' ur problems,'shift' u to opportunities &never 'delete' u from memory!

Life without FriENDS is
Life without FriENDS is
(F)ull of doubt
Life with FriENDS is
(L)ight n easy
(F)ull of hopes

D se dosti, D se Dil, D se Dard
D se dosti, D se Dil, D se Dard, D se dillagi, D se Diwangi par D se itna bhi Dur na ho jana ki S se SMS aur C se Call bhi na kar sako...... "

10-Fingers 09-Planets 08-Sides
10-Fingers 09-Planets 08-Sides 07-Wonders 06-Sense 05-Pandavas 04-Seasons 03-Choices 02-Genders 01-Wonderful Friend ***U***

Our friendship has become our HABIT
Our friendship has become our HABIT even if U take out H-ABIT remains.Take out A ,still BIT remains ,Finally take out B,still IT remains....

If i could pull down the rainbow,
If i could pull down the rainbow, i would write ur name on it and putit back in the sky 2 let everybody know how colourful my life is with a frd like u.

Our friendship is a blank check
Our friendship is a blank cheque,its an asset not a liberty,always a credit not debit, always a profit not a loss,hope it will not Bounce!!!!!!

MY FRIEND should be...
MY FRIEND should be... My madicine when i'm in pain, MY letter when i'm Far, My smile whan i'm sad, My handkerchef when i cry, My life when i die!

some people says 4 life money
some people says 4 life money is important;some says wealth is important,some says beauty is important.but we say 4 life only &only a good friend is important.........just like u,,,,

I send dis fish as a sign
Salammmm!><(((:> I send dis fish as a sign of friendship,,,,,Plzzz take care of it & keep it in mobile & daily put ur mobile in water so tat fish wont DIE:-) TAKE CARE

A daily thought...A silent tear...
A daily thought...A silent tear...
A Constant wish that u r near...
Words are few but thoughts r deep...
Memories of our frenship i'll always keep!!

Treat life as the sea,
Treat life as the sea,your herat as seashore,friends like the waves,it never matters how many waves are there,what matters is which one touchs the seashore.i hope i'm first stone who touched the seashore

SWEET FRIEND!!!!Sun can 4get
SWEET FRIEND!!!!Sun can 4get its warmth...Moon can 4get its light...Flower can 4get its fragrance ...Love can 4get its emotion BUT i can never 4get a friend juz like u

HI CUTY!!!The seven
HI CUTY!!!The seven magical colors of Joy,affection,Sorrow,Love,Care,Trust & Helping combines to form a colorful rainbow known as.....FrIeNdShIp...

when GOD saw u hungry,
when GOD saw u hungry, HE created food!!! He saw u thirsty, HE created water!!! GOD saw u in dark, HE created light!!! He saw u without a cute friend, HE created ME!!

Life is a railway station
Life is a railway station in which love is a train,It ll come & go at any time...But friendship is the track it ll be 4EVER....

People say friends are made i
People say friends are made in heaven & they come in ur life,But I made my friend in this world & made my life a Heaven...

A friend is one who sees ur
A friend is one who sees ur first drop of tear,Catches the second,Stops the third & turns the fourth into a Smile!!!MY FRIEND ALWAYZZZ Keep Smiling.....

Log On... Searching... Searching... Searching... Searching... #Found... Loading... ||||| 10% ||||||||| 30% ||||||||||||||| 60% |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 100% U have been successfully Loaded.... Into my HEARTDISK as My Sweet Friend

Build bridges instead of walls
Build bridges instead of walls and you will have a friend.A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

People say true friendz are made
People say true friendz are made in heaven & dey come in ur life........BUT.........I made my friend in dis world & made my life heaven

I may have forgotten to say
I may have forgotten to say that I care. I may have failed to open up and share, but though no words have been spoken, my promise of friendship won't be broken

Colors may fade, the sun may not shine,
Colors may fade, the sun may not shine, the moon may not be bright, heartbeats may stop, lives may pass but our friendship, I'll treasure 'till the day my heart stops.

How long shall we be friends?
How long shall we be friends? Do you want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry and till the day I die. We will be friends.

I have a pen which is blue,
I have a pen which is blue, I have a friend which is you.Flowers will die, waters will dry, But our Friendship will never say Goodbye.

What is a friend?
What is a friend? She looks out for you, inspires you, laughs with you, cries with you, understands you, guides you and walks with you. That's what a friend is.You.

A single candle can illuminate an
A single candle can illuminate an entire room. But A true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of your friendship.

A friend is like a book that
A friend is like a book that has to be read to appreciate its beauty. As such, you're one of the finest books ever written. How I wish you could be reprinted!

God in heaven, God above,
God in heaven, God above, Please protect the friend I love. Sent with a smile, sealed with a kiss, I love my friend who's reading this.

wish u a very happy World bestfriends Day.Send 2 all ur gud frends even me if I am 1 of them. C how many u get back. U r lovable if u GET 7all_eyez_on_me

Weathers are few but spring is good, Animals are many but butterfly is lovely, Flowers are too many but rose is beautiful, Foods are thousands but honey is sweet an Friends are much but u r the best!

Friendship is a relation, where no charges of activation, free incoming,
Free outgoing, with roaming facility all over the world.....!!

hang myself_burn myself_cut myself_drawn myself_to eas the pain of loosing a sweet gift of Allah which is ur friendship!!!

Valuing Friendship is not merely
Valuing Friendship is not merely by seeing each other everyday, What's more important is in our busy lives, We SMS Reply each other! By Pretty

what's the diff b/w friend
what's the diff b/w friend and blood blodd enter from heart and flows out side and friend enter from heart and stay forever By little_lovecall


Of all the gifts, big and small,
Of all the gifts, big and small, your friendship is the greatest of them all.

The more Silently love is expressed,
The more Silently love is expressed,

The more it is deeply bound to impress.
No wonder GOD loves us in silence & gives us d miracle of good friends!

Wen I Ws Born,God said
Wen I Ws Born,God said
"oh No! Devil!"
Wen U wr born,God Said
"Aaila, Competition!"
Who knew dat Smday these 2Devils Wud Bcm Great Friends..

A friend is always welcome
A friend is always welcome ... Early in the morning or late at night. Time is of no importance ... When it concerns real friendship!!

To share what is difficult,
To share what is difficult,

To heal what is hurting,
To think what is not possible,

To understand without even talking....
Is the miracle called FRIENDSHIP!

Though my words are few;
"Though my words are few; my heart is true. Friends I can make new, but none are as sweet as you.

I believe in angels, the kind
I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. I'm surrounded by angels but I call them my best friends.

Hld tr frnd wth bth
Hld tr frnd wth bth yr hnds, dot lt g 4 tr frend cms nc n lftm. Tht's why 'm hldng yo tight! Cnt lt go

U say & He Lisens is a Gud
U say & He Lisens is a Gud Frnd,U say He lisens n understands is a better Frnd,But u Dont say n He Understands is Best Frnd....

Feeling are many but words
Feeling are many but words are few, Clouds are dark but sky is blue, Life is paper and love is glue, every thing is false only friendship is true.

Nice friends r gifts not easily
Nice friends r gifts not easily gained. It roots from one's heart & involves memories that stay.. Not 4 a moment, Not 4 a day, but FOREVER....

Our friendship has become
Our friendship has become our HABIT even if U take out H-ABIT remains.Take out A ,still BIT remains ,Finally take out B,still IT remains....

The full form of LIFE-L=LOVE,I=IMAGINE,F=FRIEND,E=EMOSION.If there is no FRIEND(F),LIFE bcomes LIE...........

special friends r like pieces of puzzle,
special friends r like pieces of puzzle,if u lose 1 it will never be complete again..Just want u 2 know ur 1 of the pieces i cant afford 2 losesandgirl

Friendship is like the relation
Friendship is like the relation between hand and eyes. Its like when the hand gets hurt, eyes cries, and when the eye cries, the hand wipes...

BYE is a little word that
BYE is a little word that causes so much pain the friend u hold now might nvr meet u again so nvr say BYE alwys say MEET U AGAIN ;-)

Fish said to water u wont
Fish said to water u wont c my tears b'coz I am in d water. Water replied but I can feel ur tears b'coz u r in my heart. That is Friendship..

Keep the lamp of friendship
Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love b'coz sun rises in east & set in west but friendship rises in heart & sets only after death.

"Longest" is mother love,
"Longest" is mother love,
"Shortest" is Others love,
"Sweetes" is lovers love.
But....."Strongest" is a friend's Love.

A smile is a sign of joy.
A smile is a sign of joy... a hug is a sign of love... A laugh is a sign of happiness and a friend like U is a sign of "DAM GOOD CHOICE"

Friendship....Its a packa
Friendship....Its a package of feelings, Nobody can make it.Nobody can delete it. Nobody can xplain it. Only U an Me can feel it....
Another moon....? Possible!
Another moon....? Possible!
Another sun.....? Possible!
Another friend, Like you.....? ImPossible
cauz, Manufacturing defects occur very rare..!!!!

FRIEND" wo is
FRIEND" wo is
F: First for me.
R: Ready any time for me.
I: Inspire me.
E: Enjoy life with me
N: Never forgets me.
D: Dear its U.......!

Friendship never speaks
Friendship never speaks volumes, It never demands proofs, it never has a happy ending too... Simply coz it duznt end as long as frnds r true.
Lovable Number"143"
Lovable Number"143"
Lovable Symbol "Rose"
Lovable Place "Taj Mahal"
Lovable Organ "Heart"
Lovable Friend, "Its......U"

Birth is the "START OF LIFE"
Birth is the "START OF LIFE"
Beauty is the "ART OF LIFE"
Love is the "PART OF LIFE"
Death is the "LAST OF LIFE"
But Friends is the "HEART OF LIFE"


smile*ever {in urdu }
think me*ever
forget me*never
nd our friendship

My Heart is like an open book,its depands on u,how u read me,don't judge me by my cover,look an in discover,i will b ur true friend

spell of FRIEND..
F..find ways 2 comfort u
R..remembers 2 pray 4 u
I..inspires u
E..enjoys life with someone like u
N..never 4 gets u
D..dat's me....

Friendship is a book with only 1 copy published
U r 1 of the Best books ever written
A Masterpiece
Worth Reading a Million times
To be Kept Forever

Met U as a stranger,
Took U as a friend,
Hope we meet in heaven where friendship never ends.

FRIENDS r the BEST part of our LIVES....And the BEST VITAMIN for making FRIENDS is VITAMIN B1...THANKS for "B"eing"1"!

Sometimes my mind asked why? I miss u, Why? I care 4 u, Why? I remember u then my heart answered its simply b'coz you are a sweet friend!!

We gain n lose things everyday,but trust me on one thing,u will never lose me, I will always be there as a friend for u

this is the time 2 recharge our frndship.
True frndship:4/5 cool sms
validity lifetime.
Best frnd:2/3 mast sms
special frnd: koi bhi ek sms chalega.
Asai koi frnd to ek miss call dedena.
Agar prepaid ye scheme nahi pasand ai to postpaid ka scheme veju kya.
But dont change the line.

friends are not collection of heart
but it is selection of heart
all friends are not true
true friendship are very few
which includes you

May our friendship never sink as low as my airtime and bank balance,
but may it grow as strong as black people's love for free things Gifo's

Friendship does not need everyday conversation,
Does not always need togetherness,
If the relation is in the heart,
A true friend never goes apart.

Not every bird can dance,
but peacock did that.
Not every flower can represent LUV,
but Rose did that.
Not every Friend can reach up to HEART,
but u did.

There is a golden bridge called friendship that spans the river of time and links out hearts together even if we walks separate roads of life.

I woke up today smiling as I recall our friendship because I know that years from now, I will still be waking up smiling for the same reason every morning.

Can i stay here in ur "Inbox" & wait until 07/08/2006
so I'll b the 1st to wish u "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY ". My dear friend...

Diffrnc btween Love & Frinship...
"U give ur whole heart to ur lov & they BREAK it..."
But "u give ur broken heart to a friend & they MAKE it..."
Thats Friendship.

If Yesterday didn't end up the way YOU planned,
just remember, GOD created TODAY for YOU to START a new one!
The BEST is yet to come!!

When a Message sent from a distance...
U cannot see the Faces,
U cannot see the Smiles,
U can sense the care that truly come from?,?,?.

Friends change, I know they do.. but this friend will always belong to
you..Friends hurt I know they do.. But this friend gets hurt more without "YOU"!

D best cosmetic 4 lips-- truth,
4 voice-- prayer,,
4 eyes-- pity,,
4 hand is charity,,
n 4 life is ur frndshp....
CLassic words of frndshp
B wat u R n say wat u feel,
cuz those who mind dnt matter,
n those who matter dnt mind....

Wats d true meanin of frndshp?
wher ther r no compromise in tellin secrets,
n der is no secret for which u need compromise...

2 golden phrases os frndship:->
" NVR belive d doubtd one" n
"NVR doubt d belivd one"
that retains frndshp for a longr tym..

wat is frndshp? u fight abt d
smallest things in lyf wen u r
2gethr n miss those very smallest things
wen u r torn apart by tym....

My soul REACTED,
My heart ACCEPTED,
thousands wer REJECTED,
but u wer selected to b my
cho........chweet frnd.....

My Frndshp is Lyk a Drug, 1ce u take it u cant avoid it,
wen u dnt get it u r sick,
n wen u loose it u r destryd,
So beware of me n b my frnd 4evr....

Wen Things go bad n
ur strnth is not more enough 2 carry on,
Dnt giv up cuz,
wher ur strngth ends,
my worth of being ur frnd begins...

Lips Dnt join Wen we say LOVE,
That is a sign of distance,
But wen we say FRNDSHP lips join,
Tha is a sign of TOGETHRNESS...

Ice is Cream, Love is Dream..
But Friendship is Evergreen..
Dont make frnds b4 Understandin..
Dont break Frndship

a Match stick Glows 4 few swcs.
a candle glows 4 few hours.,
a Sun glows 4 a day.,
but our relation will glow 4vevr,.
whthr v'll b ther or not....

Silent and Listen are two words made of same Alphabets,but there is another speciality.....
i can Listen to you, when u r
Silent.....that is friendship....:)

wat is lyf? wat u make it to be..
wat is hapiness? wat ur heart sees..
wat is love? precious if true...
wat is frndshp? nothing without u.. sachme..

Best frnds r lyk a pair of scissors,
joint togthr, often go in opp dirctions,
But they giv punishment to those who
come between them.......

Try 2 read this slowly:->
U r queue tea, loaf lee,
grey ate, horn nest, at track thief,
cheer fool, soup ear be, & u r my
most press yes frnd!!!!!!

Gate of memories wil nvr close,
How much v miss our frnds,
no one knws,
Tym in days wil pass lyk years,
v'll remember d memories in silent tears...

FriendShip si the RainBow between two hearts, sharing 7 feelings
Love + Sad + Happy + Truth + Faith + Secret + Helping = FriendShip

Wat u see as truth that u see as lies remember that true friendship never dies although we may change and drift apart, I'll always value u deep within my heart.
*. .*
( ._, )
*==* friendship
need no
no demands and
no expectations.
just sinzerity and trust! dear i m missing u


If somebody leaves u with lots of tears.. then just save them safely. later wen a person who cums 2 u with happiness, then just compare the saved tears and present happiness. If happiness overcomes your tears .... Then i am sure you have found your BEST FRIEND.

frnds are like baloons once you let them go u cant ever bring them back thats why i will tie u tight to my heart ur 2 presious 2 me

friendship is like an onion which has many layers it will add taste to ur life but if u try to cut it u will have tear in ur eyes......

To live a life i need heartbeat, 2 have heartbeat i need a heart, 2 have heart i need happiness, to have happiness i need a friend, and 4 a friend i need U.

Thinking of tomorrow brings tears to my eyes, coz tomorrow we might have to say good bye. But if tomorrow, it should be d end, d best memory I'd take wid me was d day you became my friend.

Minutes r small,hours r less, days r short, months r enough to be with u,i can take infinite births if i get a sweet friend like u....

Numerical value of L+O+V+E is 54, F+R+I+E+N+D+S+H+I+P is 108. so friendship is 2 times greaterthen LOVE. loose the LOVE but don't loose FRIENDSHIP.....

one stone is enough to break a glass one second is enough to fall in love one sentence is enough to break a heart and one misunder standing is enough to break friendships

Thousands of friends i make, Everyones hands i shake. But real friends are few and The best of them is YOU....

Life start with violence, bt ends with silence, Love start with fear but end with tears, true friendship starts with any where but ends no where.

My friendship is like onion which have many layers if u try cut it then u will have tears in ur eyes.

If SOMEONE ASKS ME WHAT is Friendship?
I "LL explain,"I WOuLD SIT nExt To YOU,PULL YOU CloSe tO Me,PUT mY ARMS ArOuNd YOU aNd sAy pRoUdLy, tHis is Friendship.

Life is a railway station,in wh love is a train,it will come & go at any time, but frndship is like track it will b forever.

Ur smile makes me flat... ur talks make me glad.. Ur company makes me mad... But ur absence makes me sad... Be always wit me my dear friend!!!


As precious as u r to me,
As precious no one can ever be,
I know friends r hard to choose,
But u r a friend I never want to lose.

6 rules to be HAPPY: Free your heart from hatred; Free your mind from worries; Live simply; Expect less; Give more & Always have ME as UR FRIEND

Any one can play these roles in his/her life:
Baby role: 0 to 3 years.
Child role: 3 to 15 years.
Young role: 15 to 25 years.
Parent role: 25 to 60 years.
Grand parent role: 60 to 100 years.

Everyone can play the one and only role for lifelong is FRIEND role.

Friends are the sunshine of life.

Hold true friends with both your hands.

A part of you has grown in me, and so you see, it's you and me together forever. Never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.

Friendship often ends in love, but love in friendship - never.

My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, you've had a great life.

Time for Tolerance,Equality, and Acceptance, It's allways TEA time with my Friends...

No man is a failure who has friends.

Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief.

Friendship is the only rose without thorns.

Friends are forever, you might lose them but you'll never forget them

Show me your best friend and I'll tell you who you are.

They don't get mad when u call 11:00 at night to ask a question or just to talk

A ring is round it has no end and that is how long i will be your friend

I looked for my God; my God eluded me. I looked for my soul; my soul I could not see. I looked for a friend and I found all three.

True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides it's evils; strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island.To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.

Frienship is like Sky and Friends are like the stars in the sky, and dear U are da COMET among da stars....

Friendship is a promise made in the heart....
unbreakable by distance...
unchangeble by time...
its lovely to have u as one..!

A friend is like a "PILLOW",u can hug it when u r in trouble,u can cry on
it when u r in pain,u can embrace it when u r happy...!Always remember I can b ur PILLOW.

Friendship is a wonderful word, it might be the most beautiful one on earth. Friendship is something powerful, a gift of great value!

For a friend hu made me laugh, smile & believe dt life s worthwhile despite d tough times. thanks 4 everything! from: a friend who wud do d same!

Friends are like puzzle pieces. If one goes away, that special piece can never be replaced and that puzzle will never be whole again.

The words that escape a friend's mouth r: I'll be there when u say u need me.But the words that r unheard from a true friend's heart r: I'll be there... whether u say u need me or not

Me+U=a gr8 story of friendsip!

Vacancy in my Heart 4 a True Friend
Eligibility: Loving & Caring,
Duty: To Luv,
Experience: Not required,
Salary: Never Ending Luv,
Joining: ASAP,
R U interested?

6 rules to be HAPPY: Free your heart from hatred; Free your mind from worries; Live simply; Expect less; Give more & Always have ME as

My Dear Friend.
I Promise Today,
No Matter what,
Through all of lifes,
Changes we'll always,
Be Friends,Like we are,
Today .!

Gud relationz doesn't need any promises, any terms or conditions.......
It just need two wonderful people.
One Cool like me...One Sweet like u...HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

A gun can kill some one fire can burn some one i wind can chill anger can rage till it tears you apart but dear friend power of your smile can heal a frozen heart

FRIENDSHIP is like a needle of a clock.
Though we r in same clock, we r not able 2 meet.
Even if we meet, itz only 4 few seconds.
But we always stay connected.

One day Monday went to Tuesday to see Wednesday n ask Thursday whether Friday has told Saturday that "Sunday" is FRIENDSHIP DAY...Advance Happy Frndship Day.

A simple poem for u,
forgetting us is hard to do,
forgetting me is up to u,
9forget me not,
forget me never & u will have a friend forever.
Happy Friendship Day

Stars r far away,d sun\\\'s 2hot to touch,
n moons unapproachable so i broght u in my life s a Frnd
bcoz i alwys wntd 2hav my own littl Universe...
Happy frndshp day

we r ;-/)) , driving
in our own STREET called LIFE
& im so glad dat in 1 of intersections
i met nice "Frid" like U! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

friendship is like a snow ball easy to make but difficult to keep it ASAD THE CHAMP)

ur look made my hour,
ur smile made my day,
ur laugh made my month,
ur touch made my year,
ur friendship made my life!!! T X

shamai ab dhalti nahi
anchal jo tera simat jae
ap yaha hamesha rahe
dori rahe na ho fasle

Friends are the angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.. True friends see u true, believe in things u wanna do, feel glad wen ur dreams come true, best of all they don't judge, they simply luv u coz u r u

sometimes misunderstood u, sometimes scolded u, sometimes learnt from u, sometimes praised u, sometimes laughed at u, but i in anycase wanted u as my friend so plz do not betray me and do keep in touch. send this to all ur friends and know who really cares abt u. and dont forget to send this back 2 me.

Few Relations In Earth Never Die. Wanna know wht is it?

{specially 4 my friend} who is friend?
a push when u r stopped......
a touch when u r lost....
a word when u r quiet ...
a smile when u r sad......
& a shoulder when u r cry.....
so dnt worry MAIN HOON NA!

I can't afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!
GOD is so wise that he never created FRIENDS with pricetags, Because..... if He did, I can't afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!

If friends were flowers I would not pick you! I'll let you grow in the garden & cultivate you with love and care so I can keep you as a friend 4ever!!

One Best Book is Equal toHundered Good Freinds . But ,OneGood friend like U is Equal to a lLbrary......!

What Kind Of Person A Friend Is?
A friend is a tissue when you can't stop crying
A friend is a shoulder when you feel like dying
A friend always listens when you have something to say
A friend is a week when you just need a day
A friend is a crutch when you have a broken heart
A friend is some glue when everything falls apart
A friend is a sun when the rain just won't stop
A friend is your mom when you run into a cop
A friend is a phone call when you can't leave your home
A friend is a hand when you feel all alone
A friend is a wing if you want to fly
A friend understands without knowing why
A friend is an ear for a secret to tell
A friend is an aspirin when your head hurts like hell
A friend is a love that can never let go
A friend is you, and I wanted you to know:

A Just Friend says..hi,..hello,..bye,...and walks away...
A Best friend always stop by your side & asks how r u doing ??
A Just Friend has never seen you cry.
A Best friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.
A Just Friend thinks the friendship is over, when you have an argument.
A Best friend knows that it's not a friendship, until after you've had a fight.
A Just Friend hates it when you call, after he has gone to bed.
A Best friend asks you.... why you took so long to call.
A Just Friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.
A Best friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.
A Just Friend jealous about your romantic history.
A Best friend wonders of your love story.....
A Just Friend expects you to be always there for any help.
A Best friend is always there,. wherever you require any help
A Just Friend doesn't have time in his/her busy schedule,
A Best friend always have time for you in his/her busy schedules....
A Just Friend phones you whenever he/she has some work,
A Best friend calls you often just to hear your voice.....
A Just Friend doesnt have anything to talk to you on phone,
A Best friend doesnt know...what all to finish..

I've a warm and friendly feeling
As I think of you today,
And I wish that we could visit,
But you're many miles away.
Separated by such distance,
Yet your letters bring you near,
Through the miles we share a friendship
That's become to me most dear.
Friends through correspondence only,
Still your face I need not see,
For your soul shines through the pages
Every time you write to me!
Your special way of writing,
Warming as the sunshine rays,
Brings joy and inspiration,
And brightens up my days.
You've enriched my life, my dear friend,
And I hope God wills we meet,
Friendship's Road is so much nicer
Traveling with one so sweet!
plz REMIND me to REMIND u abt REMINDING me to send u this REMINDER that REMINDS me of REMINDING u that I am always UR good FRND.

This message to you,
I just had to send.
As you are someone who's
always so happy to lend,
so caring, sharing, loving,
such a wonderful friend.
I hope that our friendship,
will never ever end!

A true friend is not the one who knows your mistake and jugde you,instead he/she helps you to survive the worst,lift you when you down,wipe your tears when no one can,gives you a shoulder to cry on when you need one.A friend aways tells the truth when i am wrong or right, if i'm lost a friend knows how to retrieve me.Friend can bear my insult that i'm not aware off.Friend can forgive if i've done wrong.A friend always loves my presence.Between there's no lies.deciet,cheating,betraying or backstaping.

flower need sunshine,violet need dew,all angels in heaven know i need u. yrs may fly,tears may dry,butmy friendship with u will never die

Introduction is possible anytime,Love is possible sometime.Marriage is possible one time,but a sweet friend like u is possible once in a lifetime

A friend scolds like dad, cares like a mom, teases like a sis, irritates like a bro,FRIENDSHIP- the blend of all relation,U r my best friend, b my friend 4ever.

friendship cannot grow like a tree ,but they grow in their mind.so if you know that you have a friend, then promote your friendship through mind to shw that you realy trust your friend. i trust you man ciara

If still night comes b4 morning,life comes bfr death,spring comes before winter.It means we r still friends.

people say we need maps to find treasure but i proved them wrong cos without a map i found you.and you will be treasure me 4 ever

Love &friend r walking in village.
love falls into a well,why?
bocs love is blind.
frnd also jumps inside
y? frnd will do any thing
4love. revu4

Friendship is like a relation between the hand and eyes, its like when the hand gets hurt the eyes cries and when the eyes cries the hand wipes its tears.

1+1 = 2 my 2 eyes looking at U, 3+2 = 5 sense missing U,4+3 = 7days thinking of U, 5+7 = 12 months dreaming abt Ubut 99+1 = 100 years i need a sweet friend like U

One day Love asked friendship "Y R U in the world when i am here?
Friendshipsmiled and said "to spread smiles where u leave tears"

walk w/ me ven ur heart needs company
talk 2 me ven u feel all alone
trust me ven ur heart beats more.
think of me venever u need a true frnd

I wish i cud b a dove 2 brng u peace, a cupid 2 bring u luv,an angel 2 bring u a miracle.A ll i am is ur best friend, in the hope that it brings u happiness.

Old friends are Gold! New Friends are Diamonds ! If u get Diamonds, Dont Forget Gold Because Only Gold can Hold a Diamond

Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, who came first or who cares the best.. Its about who came and never left..

A true friend is not like the rain which pours & goes away. A true friend is like the air. Sometimes silent but always around u.

Heart beat are countless, spirits are ageless, dreams r endless, memories are timeless and a friend like u is Useless. Oops! Sorry Yaar,

. God has given us two gifts; One is choice & another is chance. Choice is to select a gud friend & chance is to have a best one like U

. The words that escape a friend's mouth r: I'll be there when u say u need me.
But the words that r unheard from a true friend's heart r: I'll be there... whether u say u need me or not

. If time slips away without a word from me, U don't hv 2 worry about our friendship coz feelings, beyond words, will always keep me AROUND!

. Every morning when I open my eyes I pray to God that everyone should have a friend like u.Why should only I suffer!

. Friendship is about bringing out the +ve when everything seems -ve, being accepted for who u r, being able to pick up right where u left off, sharing, talking & laughing. Friendship is about us & for that I'm gr8ful

. Walk with me when ur hearts needs company, take my hand when u feel all alone, turn to me when u need some1 to lean on, coz I'm a friend u can always depend on

. Vacancy in my Heart 4 a True Friend
Eligibility: Loving & Caring,
Duty: To Luv,
Experience: Not required,
Salary: Never Ending Luv,
Joining: ASAP,
R U interested?

...... Difference b/w Love & Friendship....U give ur whole heart to ur love,they break it,but u give ur broken heart to a friend & theymake it....

is not complete without "U"
& FR-ENDSH-P will never complete without "I"
So "U" &"I' have to be there forever if u want
HUM TUM 2 Be Good Friend.......hum

Friendship is not ended after completion of work....
it is endles, it is the beauty of life. it is the one which is not sold. it is the one without it we cannot stay. but many people forget it in this world.thing about it with care......

6 rules to be HAPPY: Free your heart from hatred; Free your mind from worries; Live simply; Expect less; Give more & Always have ME as UR FRIEND

Even if ur sms is not
coming, i think U are
sending sms but its
not delivered...
Even if U are not
calling, i think u are
trying but the network
is blocked...
Even if U do not
consider me as your
friend, I think..., why i
bothered? U R my
friend till my death...

monsoon rain or
summer heat...
you are the reason
why i breathe...
Tell me friend wat is
is that 'u' or your
heart that beats...

every time i think i m not lucky enough, i try to remember u,coz then i suddenly realises that i m the luckiest to have such a caring friend like u.

u may hear nothing from me on how i apreciate, u but beyond that silence our friendship creates a beautiful sound in my ear, & a compartible space in my heart; take care :

Dosti koi lafaz nahi jo zubaan kaha jaey,
Dosti koi kilona nahi jis ke saat kila jaey,
Dosti koi phool nahi jisse thoda jaey,
Dosti koi kaagaz nahi jisse pada jaey....

Our friendship is not like Pepsi- yeh dil mange more, not like wills- made for each other, it is like LIC- zindagi ke saath bhi zindagi ke baad bhi...

The day when I become your Friend,
Will be the happiest day of my life.
Even thinking of that day makes me smile,
I can't wait plz call me now right !!! ?

My friend should be,
My medicine -when I am in pain,
My letter -when i am far,
My Smile -when I am sad,
My Handkerchief -when I cry,
& My life when I die....
hi u freind ship is network which needs no recharge. if freindship is not in world there will not bepeace in the nation ,harmony in the house and there is no a light which is bright as friendship

Words begin with ABC,,
number begin with 123,,,,,,,
musik begins with sa,re.ga and,,,,,
friendship begins with U,,, AND,,, ME,,,,

friendship is sweet when its new, sweeter when its true, but sweetest when its u, when GOD gave friends HE tried to be fair! when i got u, i got more than my share.

You have to think before You speak to me!
My presence ever makes You feel uncomfortable.
You have to thank me for everything i do for You.
You don't realise how Your smile brightens up my day.
You would rather keep quiet when You really wanna talk!
You take too much time to tell me what i mean to You.

Wat u seeas truth wat u see as lies remember that true friendship never dies although we may change & drift apart, ill always value u deep within my heart!

My friend Ur words r ANTIBIOTICS, Ur smile is ANALOGESIC,
Ur touch is ANTI-INFLAMTORY, Ur presence is ANTISEPTIC,
Ur SMS is ANTI-PYRETIC.. that's why i never fall ill:)

Feelings R many but Words R few,
Clouds R dark, But Sky is blue,
Love is a paper, life is a glue,
Everything is false.. but Friendship s True...!!

Dear O Dear, You are not Near,
But I can Hear, Dont Get Fear,
Your memories Here, Live with Cheer,
No more Tear!....... MY DEAR FRIEND

Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love,
Bcoz sun rises in east and sets in west,
But friendship rises in heart and sets after death.

A friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go, a friend is honest, a friend is true. A friend is precious a friend is u.

True friends are those
Who Care without hasitation,
Remember without Limitation,
Forgive without any Explanation,
and Love even with little Communication!!!

Our lives have changed ever since,
We first became friends....
I'm so glad our friendship has,
Grown along with Us !
Thanks for always being there

From "BUDS" to "BLOOMS"
Our friendship has grouwn so beautifull with tiem..
Thank you for being such a lovely Friend to me !!!

Even when the world,
Turns a cold shoulder..
I Know i can turn to you...
With you i feel warm,
comfortable and safe.
You are my Light..
At the end of the Tnnnel.

Friends are the sunshine of life"
Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth,

I'm thankful for times,
You have summoned a smile,
I'm gratefull our paths,
Have converged for a while.

I'm feeling the force,
Of a friendship that's true,
I'm fortunate knowing,
A person like YOU!Osman

You r special to me,
YOu r someone I trust,
I trusted the topics,
That we have discussed.

friendship is like a snow ball easy to make but hard to keep

There r 4 chambers in my heart...
1 for papa
1 for mom
1 for dids &
1 for God
oh! Wht abut u my frnd?
Sorry! no place 4 u in my heart...
B'coz a frnd like u r my HEARTBEAT.

Whenever you're happy,
or feeling sad,
Just call on me.
You are going to be glad that you had.
Cause I'm gonna be there
with open arms.
I'm going to be there
to bear your arms.

Life widout friend is-
F_ull of doubts
Life wid friend is- L_ight n easy
F_ull of hopes

F-First aid for failure
R-removal of anger
I-Island of tplerance
E-End of selfishness
N-Name of love
D-Demand of sacrifice
so b my frnd 4ever

No Life Without Love.. No Answer without Question..NO Rain Without Cloud..No Friendship Without "YOU" I Miss U

It is not a place where live only some particular thing, rather its a garden where such kind of flowers bloom.Some problem and sorrow, peace and pleasure, joy and dream emit fragrance and mind spring here every time.Whatever u do, Whereevere u go, ur heart & soul always belong here.Do u know what is it?It is friendship & friendship & its true friendship.

learn friendship frm da SUN n the MOON,yrby da
SUN giv da MOON its own light,so dat she 2 can shine at NITE in order 2 pleez sum1 lik uuu!

As we go on we rememba all d times we had 2gether.&as our life changes cum whateva we will still be "friends forever"

Wot u see as truth wot u see as lies remember that true friendship never dies.although we may change & drift apart,ill always value u deep within my heart!

Measured by miles, u r far frm me. Measured by thoughts u r closer to
me, Measured by closed eyes u r with me & Measured by heart u r in me as my true frnd 4ever

I do not want a friend who smiles when I smile who weeps when I weep for my shadow in the pool can do better than that.

walk with me when ur hearts needs company, take my hand when you all alone , trun to me when u need some 1 to lean on.....becoz I'M A FRIEND U CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON

$ <)".".'(> $
$ ( ._o)."."(> $
$ /'-==(o_. ) $
Life Looks Cute & Beautiful With a FRIEND Like You...

GOD Knows The Value Of HEART so He made LOVE.GOD Knows the Value of DREAMS so HE made Night & GOD knows The Value Of FREIND so He Made ME & Gifted U.....

someday wen da pages of my life end i know dat u'll b 1 of its most beautiful chapte&i evr get 2read it again i'll open it from da page where i first met u

()",,"() when u
( 'o' ) need a friend
pull this rope.coz i m..

()"""() always at
( 'o', ) d other end.
=========(")=(") Gud mrng.

Through caring and sharing,
We learned to be
The best of friends.
Yes, you and me.

Friendship is the rainbow between two hearts,sharing of 7 feeling, love+sad+happy+truth+faith+secret+helping=Friendsh ip.Stay in touch.Happy friendship day.

Vacancy In my Heart 4 a True Friend
Eligibility: Loving & Caring
Duty: To Love
Experience: Not required
Salary: 4ever Love
Joining: ASAP
R U interested

Make new friends,
But keep the old,
One is Silver,
The other is Gold.

A true friend is not like a rain which pours & goes away.
A friend like a air, which is silent but always around u...

This is a message from a friend to a friend for a friend to be a friend so that a friend remains a friend of a friend who is a friend Forever!

It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults. So to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him, and to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship.

Freindship is like a violin, music may stop but strings remain attached for ever wether u remain in tuch or not , u r always remembered from heart......be smile freind...

Friendship is like relationship b/w
eye&hand. when hand gets injury.
eye will cry. When eye cries hand
will wipe its tears....

I can't find a reason why God gave U 2 me,but tht is not da question 2 b asked,May b da question is how did God knew tht I needed a frd like U!thxx 4 being such a nice n gentle.May God fullfil all ur wishes in life.

ALwAyS cHoOsE WhAt
You lOvE
lOvE UR cHoIcE...
i cHoSe tO sEnD yOu
ThiS mEsSaGe
i lOvE mY cHoiCe oF
YoU aS My LOvAbLe

Friendship is about those spl moments
2gether. Those laughs v hv 2gether..
Those secrets u share..Those promises
made in d heart..Those days u wait 2
meet.Those milion sorry's u said.
Those stolen smiles and smal fights.
Those msgs in d inbox u jus cnt
delete. Sweet friendship never
breaks...! ..

A simple poem 4 u
Forgetting u is hard 2 do,
Forgetting me is upto u,
Forget me not,
Forget me never,
U will have a "FRIEND FOREVER".

4 roses just for you,bcoz u r special person.
1st rose for frdship,
2nd rose for good luck,
3rd rose for happiness,
aur last kaan ke upper lagana mast lagega.

Wonderful people r carefully created by God,
Wonderful moments r carefully planned by God,
Wonderful frds like u r carefully gifted by God.

Old friends r gold. New friends may be diamond. If u get diamond, don't ever forget the gold coz to hold a
diamond u always need a base of gold.scorpio

Friendship is about. bringing out the positive when everything seems negative...being accepted for who you
are...being able to pick up right where you left off...sharing, talking, and laughing...Friendship is about us,
and for that I'm grateful. And I hope you have the best birthday ever, friend!


Eyes are two,but vision
is one.
Ears are two, but sound
is one.
Legs r two but traveling
is one.
Similarly we r 2 but our
friendship is one.

u r special, becox u're sum1's friend. u've touched
sum1's life in a unique way like no 1 else could.

will Become "LiE' if
there is no 'F' of
Friend: i'am lucky to
get you My sweet frnd.

Ok Even if I don't see you...
even if we hav...
L talks
E Hellos
S Stories
S Greetings
always remember dat my friendship will never b LESS 4 YOU





verlasting or loyal.



___earest of all.

To Understand a misunderstanding is a an understanding in friendship BUT to have no misunderstanding is the
most understood Friendship....

A friend is:
Who lends you...
Pen in School...
Notes in highschool...
Bike in college...
Girlfriend in University...

A Friend means
Some1 i MISS
Some1 i CARE
Some1 i NEED
Some1 i LOVE
Some1 TRUE
Some1 LIKE..
.... U.

SOME SAY it...
BUT i MEAN it...

*u r a nice*
"*.,..*" no_me

friendship is a promise made in da heart.
unbrakable by distance
unchangeable by time..
once a friend..
Friends r like STREET-LIGHTS along d road.They dont make d distance any shorter,but they LIGHT UP d path and make d walk worthwhile !!!!

When i was walking alone, I wished that i can reach da end of da road.. But when u r walking with me, I wish the road never ends..

"Few Relations In Earth Never Die"
Want 2 know what is it?
Read it Again........................
(F): Few
(R): Relations
(I): In
(E): Earth
(N): Never
(D): Die

Friendship is like a precious flower
Ready to bloom every hour.
It may stop growing
or keep on flowing
But you"ll still have it forever."

."Met you as a stranger
Took you as a friend
Hope we meet in Heaven
where friendship never ends."

Friendship sms'
If u need a friend and there r hundred steps between us,
Get 1 step to take near me, and i will take 99 steps to b there for u...

"Friendship" is not collection of "Herats"
but it is selection of "Hearts"
All "Friends" r not true,
But True "Friends" r very few!
" I Miss U So Much "

Days r too busy,
Hours r too fast,
Sec r too few,
But there's always time for me..
To remember a nice friend like u.

Heart is like a crystal preserve it,
Love is like a perfume spread it,
Feelings are like flood flow it,
Friendship is like umbrella come lets share it.

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains;
As long as we have memories, yesterday remains; as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits. As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.

Friendship is d ship which has no specific destination. It is an unending voyage. Let r friendship sail smoothly thru d path of difficulties, sorrows n sadness.

Life is the start, death is the end but when I die u'll not cry my friend coz whatever happens our friendship would never end. Friends forever....

1.Friends are like shoes,some loose some tight,some fit just right and they help us as we walk through life.Thanks for being just right for me!

When a friend needs your love, show him you care. If he needs attention, let him know you are there. Be ready to help him when his load becomes hard to bear...

2.Ice is a cream,luv is dream but r friendship is evergreen.Don't make friends before understanding & don't break a friendship after misunder standing.

3.Wonderful people r carefully created by God wonderful moments are carefully planned by God,woderful Friends like you are carefully gifted by God.

4.It's good to have money & the things it can buy but it's also good to check once in a while & make sure u haven't lost the things money cnt buy...FRIENDS!

5.Some joys are better explaind in silence,as a smile gets more audible than laughter.I was asked if I enjoyed my friendship with you.I just smiled.

6.Whenever I look at my palm,I wonder which of those tiny cute crisscross lines made me so lucky to have a sweet & nice friend like u.

7.We smile at whome we like,we cry for whome we care,we laugh with whome we njoy & we become angry with whome we feel is our own.That's Friendship,that's luv.

8.Medichines and friendship cure our problems.The only differance is that friendships don't have an expiry date.

9.Good friends care for each other.Close friends understand each other.And true Friends stay forever beyonds words,beyond time.

My friendship is not like moon, not like sun, not like stars,bcoz all of these disappear at time.My friendship is like a sky which is always watching u & informing me.

if u find a friend better or sweter than me, go ahead, i wont stop u but when that friend leaves u, just look behind & i"ll b there, ready 2 say 'welcome my friend'...

When clouds breaks rain fall. When coconut breaks water falls. When love breaks tears falls. But wen friendshp breaks life falls completly So never break friendship ....

Many a times you want someone,
Maybe I am the one,
Whose company always relish.
and friendship you will always cherish

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.
It is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't
learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't
learned anything.

Its just a beep heard by you ear. but if you listen closely with ur heart, then u will hear the message loud and clear: "you've always got a friend in here"

Oh my dear friend you are too good to be real but you were right there i wish u were here.......
gudnite bby... love u...

I may go bankrupt & liquidated deficient yet insolvent still i would be happy because in my partnership with life i acquired a goodwill that will never be amortized & thats the friendship i've loan from you.

Friendship is a sim which has no activation charges, free incoming and outgoing with roaming allover the world & its validity never ends.

when thing go bad and ur strength is no longer enuf 2 carry on.. dont give up coz wen ur strength ends, my worth of being a friend begins

Make a heart which never breaks,
Make a smile which never hurts,
Make a touch which never pains,
Make a friendship which never ends.

Frindship opens many doors each with a different view
But none could be more beautiful view than the door that leads to u.

Be slow in choosing a friend & slower while loosing them
Bcoz friendship is not an opportunity its a sweet rsponsibility.

What makes a friend?
A friend
What makes a friend?
A friend
Is someone that everyone needs
A friend
Is that special one
A friend
Is someone you tell EVERYTHING
A friend
Is someone you never lie to
A friend
Can be a boy or a girl
A friend
Is someone that is always their
A friend
Will always listen to you
A friend
Always has input to give
A friend
Will never leave you in the dust
A friend
Will help you through the thick and the thin
A friend
Will always stand by your side
A friend
Will never let you down
A friend
Is someone everyone needs
What would you do if you didnt have a friend?

Friendship is like a glass handle it with care because once broken cannot be mended and even if mended.... a crack is always there !!!

2friends...see and saw.one day see saw sea and saw didnot see sea.see saw sea and jumped in sea,saw didnot saw sea but also jumped into sea.see saw saw in sea and saw saw see in sea.see saw both saw sea and both saw and see were happy in see.

Sometimes i want to shout to the whole world how lucky i am to have you as my friend but sometimes i want to hush...afraid that somebody might take you away from me.

Friendship is a pretty full-time occupation if you really are friendly with somebody. You can't have too many friends because then you're just not really friends.

Ending a friendship may be a difficult decision. However, sometimes it is unavoidable. The best way is to tell them in person. Many people believe avoidance is the answer when ending a relationship. However, this is not a good technique in that it leaves broken hearts and anger on both sides.

I won't promise to be ur friend 4 ever,bcos i won't live [email protected] long,but let me be ur friend 4 as long as i am alive.

There is a sense of belonging in a friendship & u notice it after a while,
in the SOUND of a VOICE
in the TOUCH of a HAND

Without HUMOUR life SUCKS
without COURAGE life is HARD
without LUV life is HOPELESS

Friendship is about. bringing out the positive when everything seems negative...being accepted for who you
are...being able to pick up right where you left off...sharing, talking, and laughing...Friendship is about us,
and for that I'm grateful. And I hope you have the best birthday ever, friend!

GOD is so wise that he never created FRIENDS with pricetags, Because..... if He did, I can't afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!

'CRY' is a love detecter.
When some1 makes u cry, it shows how much u love them
And how much their relationship means to u..

What is the difference between BLOOD and FRIEND.
BLOOD enters the heart and flows out.
But FRIEND enter the HEART and Stays inside Forever.

Making a million friends is not a miracle,
the miracle is to make a friend who
will stand by you when millions are against you.

words begin with A... B... C...
Numbers begin with 1... 2... 3...
Music begins with sa... re... ga...
But friendship begins with U & me

Difference between love & friendship....
U give ur whole heart to ur love & they break it....
But u give ur broken heart to ur friend & they make it....

Listen and Silent are 2 words with same alphabet
& are very important 4 Friendship because
only a friend can listen to u when u r Silent.
Happy Friendship Day

u must be a rugged girl cos u make me cry any time i am lonelya and i feel a bit in my heart any time u are lonely and u make me short of blood any time i miss i love u

My faith Plays a big part in my life.And my faith is very personal.I pray for strength,I pray for wisdom,I pray for our troops in arm's way,I pray for my family,I pray for my little & cute friend like "you" Dear.

When every thing go wrong,when sadness feels your Heart,when tears flows in your eyes,when no one can help you,"remember me" I am Always with U,till death.Because you are my Best & Lovely Friend.

U r So sweet as gin as hard as rum as warm as brandy as clear as vodka as machured as wiskey as refreshing as bear.U r a mini bar of Friendship.

U r 95% Beautiful,
U r 96% Sweet,
U r 97% Nice,
U r 98% Cute,
U r 99% Lovely,
&&&&100% Best Friend.

No Shadows 2 Depress U
Only Joys 2 Surround U
Many Friends 2 Love U
God Himself 2 Bless U
These are my Wishes 4 U
2day, 2morrow & Everyday.

Friendships is the medicine for any kind of pain,But there is no medicine found in the world for pain given by friend...

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.
Love risks degenerating into obsession,
friendship is never anything but sharing.

Friendship often ends in love,
But love in friendship**Never**

The friendship between me and you
I will not compare to a chain;
For that rains might rust,
or the falling tree might break.

Friendship improves happiness and abates misery,
By the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief.

Friendship is the union of spirits,
A marriage of Hearts,and the bond thereof vitrue.

I cannot concentrate all my friendship,
On any single one of my friends because,
No one is complete enough in himself.

True Friendship Comes When Silence
Between Two People is Confortable.

A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like U making my everyday seems so great. Thank U my good friend lastly gd nite n sweet dreams...

Without Friends no one would choose to live, though he had all
other goods.

listen and silent are two words but very importent in friendship only friend can liten u when u slint

True friendship is a heavenly gift. It is a precious and rare
relationship. But it is also a very sensitive relationship.Take
care of it.Dont take it so easy.

May our friendship turn in2 silver, silver in2 Gold, gold in2 Dimonds...... and may our dimonds b 4ever. Then we sell it OK. 50/50

Every familiar person is not a friend. Friends r those who share
their happiness and worries.

Any color u like shows ur emotions, a little bit of ur character
and the qualities of itself. U can find by asking the favourite
color of ur friend what kind of a person he or she is.

Of all the friends I've ever met,
Your the one I won't forget,
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to heaven and wait for you

One day Friendship & Love met one-another,
Love asked Friendship -"Why do You exist if I'm there?"
~So Friendship said~
"To give a Smile to those eyes in which You leave Tears."

Hold a true friend with both yorr hands,
Dont let go for a true friend comes once in a lifetime,
That's why 'm holdng you tight! Cant let YOu go!!

Yeah we're tight, and yeah we fight,
But through all of it, there's one thing,
That will never change, we'll be friends forever.

Friends are like gold,
Each one is rich,
And they all last a lifetime

Knowing a friend like you has made me happy in a million ways,
And if ever I have to let you go,
I would find a million reasons to make you stay!

Making a million friends is not a miracle the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when a million are against you.
How friends break? both frnd will think the other is busy and will not contact thinking it may be disturbing . As time passes both will think let the other contact. After that each will think y should i contact.Here ur love will be converted to hate. Finally with out contact the memmory becomes weak.They forget each other .Finally 1 fine day they will meet and blame 1 another. So keep in touch with all our frnds .

Meaning of Friendship :

Do you ever recall the first day we met? Our first hello? The day we bec
ame friends? Well, I do and I will always remember. For that very day,
knew I'd c

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