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04-15-2009, 12:03 PM
There are a lot of theories that talk about language and linguistics and the chronicle and synchronic linguistics. The Arabic Language has its own peculiarity and it has its own origin. What really bothers a lot of people is that it is on decline nowadays.

Its globalization and people who are the real driving force behind this deterioration of the Arabic Language. Parents and people in charge of education are asked to put Arabic back to the place it deserves that is at the top of all languages. It’s the language of people of Paradise. Lets see why Arabic is such a great language with all its meanings and structure and style.

In order to rest our case and prove the greatness of the Arabic language, we have been directed by some of the verses of the Holy Quran that are replete with wisdom. Among its other bounties the Holy Quran includes one whereby the true philosophy of the diversity of languages has been set forth, and we have been apprised of the deep wisdom underlying the source of all languages. We also learn there from how greatly are those people mistaken who do not admit that all languages have developed under divine direction. In a number of books, it has been established as the result of research that the Holy Quran is the only book which has come down in the language which is the mother of tongues, is revealed, and is the source and fountain head of all other languages. Not like all the Holy books the Holy Quran is cleared from any changes.

There are a lot reasons that can prove that Arabic has superiority over Other Languages. In contrast with Arabic words, the words of those languages appear lame, maimed, blind, deaf and leprous, and entirely bereft of a natural pattern. The vocabulary of those languages is not rich in roots which is a necessary characteristic of a perfect language.

If any Arya or other opponent is not convinced by our research, we wish to inform him by means of this announcement that we have set out in detail the reasons in support of the superiority, perfection and excellence of Arabic which fall under the following heads:
1. The perfect pattern of the roots of Arabic words.
2. Arabic possesses an extraordinarily high degree of intellectual connotations.
3. The system of elementary words in Arabic is most complete and perfect.
4. In Arabic idiom a few words convey extensive meanings.
5. Arabic has the full capacity for the exposition of all human feelings and thoughts.

Now everyone is at liberty after mentioning these reasons to try, if possible, to prove these qualities in Sanskrit or any other language.
In order to clear this more is to take a neutral look into the Holy Quran.The Holy Quran is such a brilliant ruby and a glorious sun that the rays of its truth and the flashes that indicate its Divine origin are being manifested not only in one aspect but in thousands of them.

The more the opponents of Islam strive to put out this Divine light, the stronger becomes its manifestation, and the more it attracts the hearts of those who possess insight, with its beauty and loveliness. Even in the dark ages, when the Christian missionaries and the Aryas had spared no effort to denigrate it and to bring it into contempt, and had on account of their sightlessness attacked this light in every form that could be employed by the bigoted and the ignorant, this eternal light has furnished every type of proof of its being from God.

One of its grand characteristics is that it sets forth its claims with respect to its guidance and its excellent qualities and itself furnishes the proof of those claims. This grand characteristic is not possessed by any other book. Out of the reasons and proofs that it has set forth in support of its Divine origin and its high-grade superiority as no human being could and can ever produce one single line that can be compare to it. It is a product of the holy spring of the mother of tongues, whose water shines like the stars and slakes the thirst of those who are thirsty for comprehension, and washes out the dirt of doubt and suspicion.

No previous book has set forth this proof in support of its truth. If the Vedas or any other book has set forth such proof, the followers of such a book should present the claim for such proof in the words of that book. The purport of this proof is that a comparative examination of different languages discloses that all languages are related to each other.

In order to do a practical and effective research, you have to pass through three stages:
First stage: Proof that all languages are interrelated.
Second stage: Proof that Arabic is the mother of tongues.
Third stage: Proof that on account of its extraordinary qualities Arabic is a revealed language.

The second issue is that out of interrelated languages Arabic alone is the mother of tongues, the proof of which has been set out in detail, and we have established that one of the special qualities of Arabic is that it possesses a natural pattern and displays the beauty of Divine manufacture in the same way as the other works of God Almighty.

We have also established that all other languages present a distorted picture of the Arabic language. To the degree to which this blessed language has been preserved in those languages in its true form, to that degree they shine like a ruby and attract the hearts with their beguiling beauty; and to the degree to which a language has been corrupted, to that degree its beauty and attractions have been reduced.
It is obvious that a thing that proceeds from the hand of God continues to display extraordinary characteristics so long as it retains its original form, and man is not able to produce its match. But as soon as it falls away from its original condition, its shape and beauty are debased. One more thing is that the Arabic language has the capacity to absorb all terms that are coming the world in the field of technology and make these words part and parcel of its inventory.

One of the characteristics of Arabic is that all the miscellaneous qualities of other languages are comprised in Arabic. Thus as careful study and deep research reveal that Arabic is comprehensive of all the miscellaneous qualities of other languages, it has to be acknowledged that all other languages are branches of Arabic.

Some people raise the objection that if one language is acknowledged as the root of all languages, it becomes difficult to accept that within three or four thousand years languages which had emerged from one root became so diverse. This objection is an instance of a fallacy upon a fallacy. In the first place it is not definitely established that the world is only four or five thousand years old and that heaven and earth had no existence before. On the contrary, there are clear indications that the earth has been peopled since a very long time.

Besides, distance in time or place is not the only cause of diversity in language. Special Characteristics of Arabic
There are five special characteristics of Arabic which prove conclusively that Arabic is a revealed language, which we shall expound in detail in their proper places. These are:
1. Arabic has a perfect pattern of roots which is suited to human needs. Other languages lack this pattern.
2. The names of God, and heavenly bodies, and vegetables, and animals, and solids and human limbs in Arabic comprise great wisdom. Other languages cannot compete with Arabic in this respect.
3. The Arabic system of elementary words is perfect, which comprises all nouns and verbs of the same roots, and illustrates their mutual relationship by arranging them in a wise pattern. This characteristic is not found in other languages in the same perfect degree.
4. In Arabic idiom a few words comprise extensive meanings. Arabic conveys extensive connotations through the use of the definite article and vowel points and sequence, for which purpose other languages have to employ several phrases and sentences.
5. Arabic possesses such roots and idioms as furnish a perfect means for the expression of the most subtle human thoughts and reflections.

As we have undertaken to prove and illustrate all these special characteristics of Arabic, it is necessary that we should do so in Arabic, thereby furnishing illustrations of all of them in that language, so that we might require anyone who may claim another language to be revealed and the mother of tongues, to illustrate these characteristics in the same way. If we should be proved false in our claim that Arabic possesses those five characteristics to a special degree, and any scholar of Sanskrit or any other language should succeed in proving that that language partakes of these characteristics to the same or even to a greater degree as Arabic, we make a firm and definite promise that we shall immediately pay him five thousand rupees.

What we demand from the advocates of other languages is that they should prove that their respective languages possess the qualities that we have established in the case of Arabic. For instance, it is indispensable that a language which is described as revealed and the mother of tongues should comprise a full stock of roots, for the purpose of transmuting human thinking into words, in such manner that when a person should desire to make a detailed exposition, for instance, of the Unity of God, or polytheism, or the obligations due to God, or the rights of man, or religious doctrines and the reasoning supporting them, or love and human intercourse, or rancor and hatred, or the praise and glory of God and His holy names, or the refutation of false religions, or stories and biographies, or commandments and penalties, or the hereafter, or commerce and agriculture and employment, or astrology or astronomy, or physics, medicine, or logic, etc., the roots of the language should be capable of helping him in such a way that there should be available a root apposite to every idea that may arise in his mind, so that it may be established that the Perfect Being Who created man and his ideas also created from the very beginning roots for the expression of those ideas.

Here after all what have been said, a call for all Arabic scholars, teachers, parents all people in charge, we have a language that can absorb and digest in it all new terms, use its potentials and develop it. We also demand to stop the boring way of teaching Arabic and use new methods that can teach the new generation about the greatness of the Arabic Language and how can it swallow up all other languages. We need to take pride in it and not to be deceived that it’s not important any more. Something has to be done as soon as possible.

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