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Blessed person.

lovely angel
04-11-2009, 08:17 AM
y do u mean dat?? any specified reason?

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y do u mean dat?? any specified reason?Yes i have. Scientifically it is genetical disorder due to hormones not settling to one sex. According to study, when a child is between 10 to 15 years of age, child will select a particular sex depending upon organs they got. If there is internal fight between hormones then despite of having a particular sex organ body will start developing second sex organ. for e.g. a boy may start developing breast. to stop this we have consult physician. generally this is due to poor food diet.

Now people born with both sex organs are different and they are called as shemales in english term. They can go a simple operation to avoid this, but in India and probably i some other part of east, they are thrown away from society. this is wrong.:smt009
And just because they did have money to go surgery they should not be treated bad. According to indian custom, they are always called whenever people want to celebrate, but some people expolit them. I have some knowledge of ancient society and i can gurantee they were not treated as bad as they are treated now.

See, i may be confusing you but the reason is simple, Indians celebrate there happiness with then atleast in north side it is. they are always invited in marriage or child birth or some other function. They are also paid havily for this because of our belief.

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" generally this is due to poor food diet"

i thought its a natural disoder.

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It is natural disorder, but it can be correct during childhood. Actually the period which i am talking about is "puberty". it is stage when an child reproductive organs develops.

A fact is man can also produce milk, because man have milk producing organs. its weired but its fact. due stress or certain medicine man breast will swell and milk. though it is not common but some men have this problem. even an 1 month old baby can milk, because it has all the harmones and glands to produce milk. harmones are transfered via moms blood stream.

Some child are born with both male and female organ, it is only the harmones which will decide which way to go.

Guys u really need to study anatomy of human body, there is lot more than sex.(Just kidding)
this is lot deeper than i can explain, but what i am explaining here are some of the facts.

lovely angel
04-11-2009, 11:12 AM
hey thanks for the brief n gud n nice explanatory.. it ll help evry1 know abt dis kind of things..

well i would like to update u all dat .. technically in english terms they are called as EUNUCH's which means A man who has been castrated and is incapable of reproduction

well pkatiyar, i asked u any specific reason bcoz u mentioned as "blessed person".. i am askng you dat y did u say blessed person yaar.. i mean reason for dat words ..

04-11-2009, 11:18 AM
i think the reason for this is:
these people are living in the society and may feel desperate when they see other men...so God may bless them for the reason...i don't know much abt them but I really feel sorry for them....

lovely angel
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am i rite anju?

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You can read my first reply. in the last para, i have explained.

We consider there presence as lucky and essential to celebrate happiness.

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They are some case where they are incapable of reproduction, but there are also some case where they have family...........now what do u have to say lovely angle.:-)

lovely angel
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am i rite anju?

yeah u r right swthrt.. :smt001

lovely angel
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yups i read it dear and undstud ur version..

They are some case where they are incapable of reproduction, but there are also some case where they have family...........now what do u have to say lovely angle.:-)

firstly i wud say its not angle its angel ... :smt005 :smt005

and its not in some case dear its like they are not capable of reproduction.. they jus take part in physical relationships with men playng a role of feminine while intimating physically.. but they aint capable of reproduction.. thats the plus point they have..

and yes they do have family but mostly not of their of own ones.. its like they stay as a family who are of these 3rd gender pple since they are being eliminated from there perpectuals..

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[email protected] i wud say its not angle its angel .

lovely angel
04-12-2009, 10:31 PM
oye chup karyo...

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mmm.. informative discussion... but unfortunately its same in pakistan too....

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yea it is..........................

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See.. it very easy to provoke girls

lovely angel
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provoke in wat sense dear..

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Just joking. Dont take it serious and dont mind

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hmmmm....bol diya na...

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Ab kya karu. Bahut pressure tha. LOL

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pkatiyar...thanks for ur xplanation bro!!!its really very detail bout hormone changes!!