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Al Hosn Palace:
Al Hosn Palace, Abu Dhabi is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi. This building was built in 1793 as the residence of the then ruling family of Dubai. This building is commonly known as Old Fort or the White Fort.

The interiors of Al Hosn Palace Abu Dhabi have been modernized. This palace is now used by the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation as the Center for Documentation and Research. The center has a collection of several documents on the heritage and history of Dubai and the Gulf region.

This is certainly the best place to review history. Al Hosn Palace is known for its beautiful architecture. The work on the main gate is particularly splendid. The magnificence and importance of this place has attracted a large number of foreign tourists over the years.

The palace has a museum that showcases traditional artifacts and historical photographs. Exhibits give an insight about wildlife of Dubai, with special features on animal life from the desert. The historical section displays the history of Abu Dhabi in particular, and other artifacts. The tower exhibits a number of weapons that were used throughout Abu Dhabi's evolution.

This is a must-visit tourist spot for people on tours to Abu Dhabi. Al Hosn Palace Abu Dhabi opens from Saturdays to Thursdays from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm. The palace is closed on Fridays. Admission is free

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