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lovely angel
01-31-2009, 11:09 AM

SOME may call it poetic justice: the woman who has struck fear into the hearts of hooligans and eve-teasers in Jalandhar colleges is a Police Inspector called Sita Rani, who received an award in recognition of her work on Republic Day this year.

And while these miscreants may flee when they see her approaching, they are now trying to get back at her by using a social networking site to launch hate communities against her.

‘I hate Sita Rani’ and ‘We hate Sita Rani’ on Orkut, with 80 and 188 members respectively, are some of the ‘clubs’ formed for the express purpose of spewing venom at the police officer who looks after the EveTeasing Cell set up by Superintendent of Police (Headquarters) Satinder Pal Singh.

The Inspector is known to do the rounds of colleges, where she hauls up boys teasing or harassing girls and giving them on-the-spot punishment, in public, including making them do sit-ups while they hold their ears. Political pressure and the clout of well-heeled parents have had no effect on Sita Rani so far.

College principals are full of praise for her, including the head of APJ College for Fine Arts Dr Sucharita Sharma. “I support Sita Rani as she has cleaned the college precincts of unruly boys,” she says.

The boys have now been reduced to hitting back on the Net. And they’re dedi cated to their dubious cause. Members of ‘I Hate Sita Rani’ community, for example, have even held opinion polls, including questions such as: ‘Should Sita Rani be transferred out of Jalandhar?’ Undaunted, Sita Rani says she will continue to do her job. “I listen to everyone, but act as per law,” she said. “If my name is being maligned on a networking site, I will bring it to the notice of my seniors.” SP Singh, meanwhile, has promised to take action against creators of the communities on Orkut.

“Parents of eve-teasers are always informed about their actions and they have also been taking their sons for counselling sessions,” he added.


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