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Childern In Sri Lankan Army
It has been brought to our notice that news item with the above title “Children in Sinhala Army’ appeared in the latest edition of the Tamil Nadu based Tamil magazine titled “Kumudam Reporter” dated 28th December 2008. The news article mischievously states that the Sri Lankan Army is sending children who are ‘minors’ to battle. The magazine with some ‘images’ purported to be bodies of some Sri Lankan soldiers have desperately attempted to portray them “minors”. The “Kumudam Reporter” states that although the Sri Lanka Government alleges that it is the LTTE that “has been recruiting minor children” as its cadres , on the contrary it is the Sri Lankan Army that uses minors as combatants . The LTTE quotes an injured Sri Lankan soldier “allegedly” captured as making the allegation.

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The Sri Lankan Army has no history of recruiting ‘minors’ into the Armed Services. A Government gazette notification advertises existing vacancies in the Armed services. An Officer is gazetted as Recruiting Officer with authority to recruit. The location, time, date, age (above 18 years) and the required qualifications as the enlistment requirements are also gazetted and given publicity. It was only recently that school children returning from a ‘tuition” class in the Eastern province were forcibly taken away by the LTTE to be conscripted as “child” soldiers with their teachers when returning home. It was only after the media including the foreign media gave the ‘forced’ LTTE conscription publicity were the children returned to their parents. Moreover the LTTE demands two children despite being minors as fighting cadres. The LTTE also indulges in forcibly taking children when returning from school or from their homes.

It is well known the LTTE terrorist organization is banned in India, USA, Canada, and Malaysia and in 26 countries of the European Union including the UK, France, Germany Spain, Italy etc. The UN, International Human Rights Organizations and affiliated organizations as UNICEF, Save the Child, UNESCO, the US based Human Rights Watch, etc have documented the inhumane forcible recruitment by the LTTE. The former UNICEF Chief, Mr Olaru Otunnu commented on the inhumane LTTE practice of forcible child recruitment when he visited the then LTTE office in Killinochchi.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed by the Roman Catholic Church managed orphanage in DHARMAPURAM near KILLINOCHCI that a group of armed LTTE terrorists crashed into the premises and forcibly took away more than sixteen (16) children on Friday(26) to be conscripted as fighters in the organization . It is reported that two Roman Catholic clergymen were manhandled, blindfolded and then bundled up before the “Tiger” terrorists took the frightened and weeping children away. The orphanage was also shifted to the present premises from Killinochchi due to constant harassment by the terrorists demanding children for the organization. It was only late that evening when the two priests reported the kidnapping of the orphanage children to the Roman Catholic hierarchy to resolve the matter. This Roman Catholic orphanage was functioning successfully for several years as since its inception it was well managed and funded by both Roman Catholics and well wishers. Church authorities stated that the LTTE had earlier made several unsuccessful attempts to forcibly recruit the children.

There were also confirmed reports from the Wanni that the LTTE had threatened all male as well as female students numbering over 8000 that they would have to join them after completion of the GCE “O” level examinations. They had demanded that in case of refusal , they will be forcibly recruited as LTTE “fighters” .

Maybe coincidentally, according to a leading Sri Lankan Daily dated 27th December 2008 states: “The worldwide head of he Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams has noted that child soldiers are still being recruited in Sri Lanka”. Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury has to be corrected of the misconception which if not corrected will certainly be used by the desperate LTTE for propaganda purposes . “Child soldiers” in Sri Lanka are used only by the LTTE terrorists , an organization banned in Sri Lanka as well as in the UK and many other nations . We are compelled to make it clear that child soldiers have neither served nor are any child soldiers serving in the Sri Lanka Army.

It is understandable that the LTTE is making false allegations as a propaganda ploy in desperation as they are now being ‘holed’ up in the jungles of Mullaitivu . The LTTE has lost the entire Eastern province and . many areas which were once under their ‘control . Most of the their cadres have been killed or injured in battle. The Army is not at all short of fighting men. In the year 2008 , the Army unlike recruited 48, 922 soldiers and the need for minors is not at all needed unlike the LTTE. More young and enthusiastic men are ready to join the Army and serve Sri Lanka to eliminate terrorism . More are being recruited for training. It is a matter of time the LTTE will find their appropriate place in the dustbin of history.

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