View Full Version : James Bond 007 (2015) - Full Hindi Dubbed Movie

Tahir Bati
12-27-2015, 10:37 AM
The movie story deals with Sadhu Bhai a notorious mafia leader who escaped India after various terrorist attacks and conquered the underworld of the entire southeast Asia, and no one dares to challenge Sadhu Bhai. James Bond enters the underworld for his father. In the opening scene, Sadhu Bhai's partner, Crazy Robert, captures James Bond and his father as James Bond revolts against Sadhu Bhai. But James Bond easily defeats Crazy Robert's goons. However, James Bond learns that both the Indian police and Hong Kong police are looking for him and tries to find a solution for that. The story cuts to Milan, Italy where Janaki is a social worker who has just finished her interior designing course. She lives there with her uncle, Pilli Gopi Krishna Simha, and cousins, Inky and Pinky. She meets James Bond alias Rama Rao when he acts as if he is attempting suicide as his fake, imaginary girlfriend Saira Bhanu dumped him. Janaki, who is not aware of the truth, asks him to spend a day with her, in return she will give him a hope for life. Janaki introduces him to various people who attempted suicide but found hope for life through Janaki's inspiration, one of whom is Dasu. Dasu is a slacker who got laid off. Janaki brought him to her place as she thought he was attempting suicide when he actually went towards a cliff to throw his empty beer bottle. Janaki introduces Rama Rao to Dasu and keeps him in her house. But Rama Rao immediately discovers Dasu's true nature and buys him off to help him in making Janaki fall in love with him. Meanwhile, James Bond fights off Sadhu Bhai's henchman, Rakhi Rasul, who comes looking for him. But one of James Bond's right hand men is killed by Crazy Robert when he refuses to give information about James Bond. This is when James Bond's past is revealed.