View Full Version : Brisk Walking Can Be as Beneficial as Running

Tahir Bati
04-19-2015, 07:30 AM
A study reveals that brisk walking can be just as beneficial as running.
Contemporary living has produced many questions as difficult to answer as the one about the tree falling in the woods.
Whether walking is as beneficial as running seems to be among them.
The debate has raged on for years, but but two researchers, Paul Williams and Paul Thompson, believe they have the definitive answer. They say yes, depending upon how you look at it.
And go on to suggest that if one looks at it from the perspective of total energy expended rather than time consumed they're equal alternatives.
To reach their conclusion the duo studied nearly 40 thousand runners and walkers over a period of six years. They checked their blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol at the beginning and end of the trial.
Participants with output that had equal amounts of energy reaped the same benefits.
According to Williams, "A person would need to walk 4.3 miles at a brisk pace to expend the same amount of exercise as running 3 miles, and it would take about twice as long."
What do you prefer? Running or brisk walking?