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09-23-2008, 01:28 PM
Alferd Adler (1870 - 1937) was a famous pshycologist. his specialty was Individual psychology.

After spending a life time studying people and their hidden reserves of power, the great pshycologist alfred adler, declared that one of the wonder-filled characteristics of human beings is "their power to turn a minus into plus"

Allah has given an enormous ability to human beings. and the above statement is the confession of a great pshycologist.

and the extreme limit of this ability is , that humans see light even in the darkest times of their life.

a human being can change unfavorable conditions into favorable.

the book , "secret of life" is the study of this ability of human beings. its a message of hope.

I am not copying pasting these articles. but i am trying to translate a book written by Molana Waheed-ud-din khan into english. i hope you people will like it.

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09-23-2008, 01:32 PM
Thank you very much Naveed for your hard work that you are translating this info....would you please tell me which language this book is?

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urdu :)

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nice..thnx soo much

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if you have the soft copy of this book then i need one plz...