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02-22-2007, 01:42 PM
Mahinda Chinthana has kept a world record in having the largest cabinet. The below is a comparison between the cabinets of some countries and that of Sri Lanka.

Canada- 31 ministers for 37 million people
India- 20 ministers for 1000 million people
Russia- 25 ministers for 150 million people
Malaysia- 23 ministers for 25 million people
Bangladesh- 22 ministers for 150 million people
America- 15 ministers for 274 million people
Pakistan- 13 ministers for 130 million people

Sri Lanka- 108 ministers for 19 million people

In Sri Lanka non cabinet and deputy ministers can use 2 official vehicles and one security vehicle, but for now every minister has at least 10- 15 security vehicles. There are times that some ministers use 50-100 security vehicles under security reasons.

Monthly salary of a cabinet minister ? Rs. 65 000
Monthly salary of a non cabinet minister ? Rs. 63 500
The incentive for participating for a parliamentary session ? Rs. 500
The incentive for participating for a select committee? Rs. 200

Monthly fuel incentive for a cabinet and a non cabinet minister ? Rs. 75 000
Monthly fuel incentive deputy minister - Rs. 50 000
Monthly incentive for the personal telephone ? Rs. 20 000
Monthly mobile incentive ? Rs. 10 000
The facility is provided to take an unlimited amount of idd and local calls from the official telephone for a month.

Every minister has a right to employ 4 secretaries as media, personal, coordinating, and public relations. Vehicles, fuel incentives, telephone incentives and limited entertainment incentives are provided for all of them from the ministry.

For the 18 cabinet and non cabinet ministers, the monthly expense for fuel from the government is Rs. 1,350,000. Also for the 10 new deputy ministers, Rs. 500,000 should be separated. The total monthly fuel expense for them is Rs. 1,850,000

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