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02-02-2014, 07:23 AM
In Memory of A Precious Soul Now no more
February 4, 2013

I hold my breath
But i don't know why i can't stop my tears
They just don't slide to my cheecks.....
BUT u can see them in my eyes

I extend my hand everytime to hold it
but really i know it's no more.....
No more i see those strong hands
That made me wonder of his strength
That laugh is now only a sound
Yet that too is no more.....

I look at the dark sky waiting for a voice to say
Sitting here i think she must be happy

But then i fail to understand, what makes me mourn?
His teachings,life, his words, his beliefs all are with me
All is a memory SO CLEAR that won't fade until i live

What made him leave?
made me mourn!
will never make him come back
and make me normal again

And yes i KNOW only the figure has faded
and his presence is there as a memory

But as i hold my breath......
i tell my tears no he is no more
and yes, he wont come back
so don't just make me duel in the past
by sliding on cheeks

Rather sit in my eyes
and let me believe and cherish his life.

Mom I love you, your presence is all around me, your guidance is my path, your blessings will always be with me.

Love you MOM never gone forget you ever ever, you are in my every prayers.

Your Son
Muhammad Arslan