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Engro Foundation is committed to growth of sustainable societies in which people have access to choices and opportunities for development.

The Foundation serves as a single platform for community engagement activities and social investments of Engro affiliates. By pooling their financial and managerial resources under the Foundation, Engro affiliates seek to create large scale social impact.

We support a range of partnerships with government, nonprofit organizations, and other industry players, to enhance the scale of our investments and ensure sustainability of our initiatives.

We also have employee giving and volunteering programs to support our employees’ efforts in their communities.

The Engro Foundation maintains this Facebook page to provide a forum for sharing research, ideas, and opinions regarding our philanthropic work. All statements and materials posted by contributors reflect the views of the individual contributors and do not reflect the views of the foundation.

We encourage respectful, constructive dialogue and reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive, act as advertisements, or attempt to solicit funds from our fans. We also remove identical or substantially similar comments that are posted more than once, including those posted for the purpose of monopolizing the discussion. We value conversations on our Facebook space, and thank you for following the Engro Foundation.
General Information

Education: we support 11 schools in the Katcha area and 10 schools around Daharki and Qadirpur, with a total enrollment of over 3000 students.

Health: we support and run subsidized clinics and specialized treatment centers such as Snakebite Treatment Facility , centres for thalassemia, kidney dialysis, malaria control, polio immunization and eye care and the our Mobile Health Program and Sahara Welfare clinic based in Daharki.

Village Development and Community Mobilization: we develop basic community infrastructure such as open drains, water courses and school renovations and constructions in 8 villages in Daharki.

Livelihoods: we have established the Sahara Arts & Crafts Center for women, and are in the process of establishing a Technical Training Center for boys in a joint collaboration with other industry partners for the energy and chemical industries located in the region. In addition, we have partnered with USAID for the ‘Khushaal Livestock Project’, which comes under our Disaster Management portfolio is a livelihoods assistance project aimed at restoring the livelihoods of 15,000 livestock dependant households in Larkana and Dadu.

Disaster Management: we partnered with various organizations to provide relief and rehab in the areas of Sindh and Southern Punjab where we provided food, water, shelter and livelihood assistance.


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Mobile Education in Engro Schools

For students of Engro schools in Dharki, the introduction of mobile learning presents an exciting prospect - learning in new creative ways even when school is over! Check these photos of Engro students eager to try their Rehan School mobile handsets!

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