View Full Version : Opera9.5 hits 4.7M downloads & 20M desktops (11)

06-24-2008, 10:34 AM
http://img53.imageshack.us/img53/1894/operadownloadednb9.png (http://imageshack.us)

It has hardly been five days now for Opera 9.5 being released, the statistics reported by Opera Watch are just amazing. Opera hits more than 4.7 million downloads thatís almost a million download a day. And active opera are detected on around 20 million desktops & Opera Mini has been raised to 12 million mobiles.

Here are the key statistics provided by Opera Watch:

New usage figures are out as well, and they look just as good, with more than 20 million users running the desktop browser, and 12 million running Opera Mini. Thatís twice the number of users they had when Opera 9.0 appeared two years ago.

To put these numbers in perspective:
# Nearly one-fourth of Opera users downloaded the new release within the first five days.
# Opera Mini has more than half as many users as Opera Desktop.
# More people use Opera Desktop each month than live in the state of New York.
# More people use Opera Mini each month than live in Greece.

With those easy & very handy features Opera is silently capturing the market of Firefox, which includes me too. Yes I finally made a shift to Opera 9.5 rather than Firefox 3. I overall have 4 desktop systems and a Hp TX1016 AU tablet notebook.

Installing Firefox 3 with those dozen of my daily used addonís on all the machines was really a very hectic & time-taking task. Here is where Opera helped me, it automatically synced all my bookmarks from Firefox across all the systems with Opera Link and this whole installing & setting up process across all systems just took around an hour. Huh! Finally a big relief for me after the news of Google Browser Sync being discontinued. I found this way the best approach for syncing my bookmarks plus Iím really enjoying Speed Dials, Mouse Gestures & other cool features of Opera 9.50.