View Full Version : iPhone 3G<<>>Buying a SmartPhone in India? (8)

06-24-2008, 09:11 AM
Population of smartphones is increasing at a very high rate in India. Teenagers get attracted to Smartphones first, rather than the girls. One out of five teenagers in India have a smartphone. Not only teens but just every one wishes to have one of these in their pocket. Prices of smartphones have been steadily dropping since past years. A phone bought today at 20K INR will just return you 12K or even 8K INR the next year.

So is it the right time to buy a smart phone now? The answer is a big NO. As the newly launched iPhone 3G is ready to hit the US market & some other countries with cheap rates on July 11, other companies are in a plan of getting their rates down as well in the countries where iPhone is being released. Over next few months iPhone 3G will also attack other countries thus dangling the rates of Smartphones all over the world including India.

My personal suggestion: If you have lots of money to waste, then go and buy out a Smartphone now but if you are making a two year investment for your business or buying one for your kid, then wait till end of this year. I know 6 months are hard to resist but this wait will surely bore some good fruits!