View Full Version : Sens Phone Sleek Handset With Protruding Keypads

06-21-2008, 11:43 PM
Sens Phone Sleek Handset With Protruding Keypads
Designed by Takumi Yoshida, the Sens phone is a sleek handset with protruding keypads that will allow the visually impaired person to feel the phone and use it accordingly. The phone’s keypad and design is so interesting that even a person with perfect sight can touch and feel it. Since it is a visually impaired man’s phone, it doesn’t have a display screen and the keypad is the heart and brain of the phone. Since the phone presents itself to the partially blind, it also flashes a bright blue light on the side panels which help convey different alert messages.
The Vibrating Braille Mobile Phone seemed to be a little bulky and lacked in style, but the Sens phone revamps itself with a stylish design and the phone’s vital purpose is also served. There is no clarity in the pricing and availability of the Sens phone though.