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06-18-2008, 06:00 PM
License: Free
Requirements: Windows (all)
Limitations: No limitations
Publisher's description of Vuze
Vuze is an online entertainment platform that allows you to watch, publish and share original DVD & HD quality video. You can discover high-quality entertainment by browsing through channels and categories containing thousands of TV shows, music videos, movies, video games and more. And if youd like to publish your original content, you can monetize it the way you want and maintain complete control and flexibility.
Version is the first version that features the name changed from Azureus to Vuze, and introduces social networking to the client.
For a torrent-downloading app, Vuze is chock-a-block full of features that set it apart from the rest of the pack.

From XML torrent options to IP filters, firewall tests to UPnP plug-ins to baked-in social networking, Vuze leads the way in making the torrent experience as customizable as possible. When you install the program, it gives you three levels of option settings, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced controls. There's a configuration wizard, an easy-to-use torrent maker, and dozens of ways to set your statistics logs so you can track download speed and performance.
The layout could benefit from larger buttons. Nevertheless, it's uncluttered and the icons are straightforward--none of those unhelpful "sad face" icons to stop the torrent. In the past, the Java architecture has been a fatal flaw, with the old Azureus porking out and consuming resources as if they were pies in an eating contest. Vuze is still a major processor drain, and it's impossible to get it without the new social networking content, but we still recommend this app to advanced users.
Click here to download (http://www.download.com/3001-2196_4-10854516.html)