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06-16-2008, 04:52 PM
Chinese Mobile Phone V323
The Chinese Mobile Phone V323 is a rather bulky handset and heavy too. But it has a superbly clear 3-inch touchscreen display thatís great for watching videos and TV, if you have the reception. The interface looks identical to Nokia Symbian interface handsets, so navigation should be easy for Nokia users... or just about anybody. The interface is a little bit slow though. The phone supports analog TV, but unfortunately I couldnít get decent reception anywhere and all I saw was a lot of static.
The V323 comes equipped with a 1.3MP camera (with plenty of settings) and the image quality isnít too bad. There various features, including a pretty good media player and an FM radio, in addition to regular stuff like a converter, calendar for schedules and appointments etc. The best thing about the V323 is that it supports dual SIM cards, both GSM. Itís a bit tricky figuring out messaging and calling the numbers stored on the SIMs, but poking around helps. Both SIMs are simultaneously active and incoming calls from the second SIM will simply have a Ď(2)í attached to the callers name. You can switch off either SIM if you wish. The V323 also supports external memory.