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06-16-2008, 04:36 PM
Ultra-Fashion Handset Cheaper High End Option
Ultra-Fashion Handset: Iím calling this handset "Ultra-Fashion" because there doesnít seem to be any official alphanumeric name for it. All it has are Ultra and Fashion written on either side of the handset. In case youíre wondering "hey, havenít I seen that before?" you probably have, as Samsung has a model called the F300 thatís very similar. Or is it the other way around? But this handset does have two separate displays. The smaller display on the phone side is a low resolution display but still in color. Itís a full function phone that can also be used for sending messages as well as do everything else youíd do with a regular low end entry-level handset. I liked its compact size and the hot-swap slot for the SIM card on the side. The battery can be slipped in and out from a slot located on the bottom of the handset. The microSD card has a hot-swap slot too.
On the other side is a full fledged PMP (no kidding!) with a large display and a five-way nav-pad. Navigation is a bit of a pain though. The rear PMP can be activated by simply clicking a button on the side of the phone. Although the player remains dormant while youíre using the phone, the phone is simply on standby. This handset has a camera located on the phone side and can be activated from the player as well as when the phone is active. A specially designed carry case comes with a cradle and flaps to cover either end. All one has to do is simply flip open the side you wish to use. Though the sound quality may not be that great, itís a pretty decent phone.