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Poster Designing Competion by Finearts Club

Fine Arts ClubThe Fine Arts Club works mainly to cultivate, channel and nurture the artistic potential of the participants. It encourages them to come up with original artistic contributions and provides them avenues to enhance and polish their creative talent.

Ilmian Quiz SocietyThe Ilmian Quiz Society seeks talented participants from UMT as members who will participate in both intervarsity, and intravarsity competitions at national or local level competitions. The Society organizes contests on its own as well.

RebootReboot is a place where creative minds gather to bring to life innovative and unique events. Their motto is to bring to the forefront the talent that lies hidden. This is a club for those who are on the lookout for extreme fun and adventure. So, whenever you see competitions, gaming, festivals, trips, music, videos, new gadgets, etc., rest assured that Reboot is behind all the fun.

EPS - Environment Protection SocietyMembers of the Environment Protection Society work to make UMT and the community clean and pollution free. You will find them spreading awareness about the health hazards of smoking or the importance clean drinking water. The Society generates interest in such activities by celebrating No-smoking Day, Water Day and Campus Week.

Bulls Eye - Rifle Shooting Clubhe Rifle Shooting Club has been set up for shooting enthusiasts and for generating interest in the sport. Club members are encouraged to take part in rifle shooting competitions, national shooting contests and HEC competitions.

Health Wellness ClubThe Health and Wellness Club encourages the spiritual and physical development of the UMT community. It promotes members of various clubs or societies that teach the practice of yoga, aerobics, mind sciences, and facilitates gym memberships in collaboration with UMT. In future, workshops will also be arranged at the UMT Campus.

EMS - Emergency Medical ServicesUMT EMS provides Emergency Medical Services to UMT and neighboring communities. These services cover everything from treating for minor injuries or medical problems (situations that do not require advanced care or hospitalization) to providing life-saving care to critical patients until an ambulance arrives to transport the patient.

Adab - UMT Literary SocietyThe Literary Society serves as a platform for participants with literary taste and writing acumen. The club is meant to promote literary activities. It helps members to cultivate their literary tastes and sharpen their writing skills. Members are encouraged to write on a wide variety of topics. Different write-ups of the students are collected and displayed by this club.

Horticulture SocietyThe Horticulture Society is a forum for those who genuinely care for the environment around them and want to make it green. Members take part in special plantation days and encourage others to care for the environment.

Dramatic ClubThis Club arranges a number of dramas and plays originally written, directed and produced by the participants of UMT. The number of programs produced by the Club on different occasions have attracted appreciation from various quarters, entertained the participants and generated much interest among the audience.

Gals ZoneThis is a female participants' club at UMT. It arranges exclusive events, functions and activities on important topics and occasions. These include seminars, talk shows, mina bazaars, mehfil-e-milad and special events on International Women's Day. Such activities are vital for the development of female participants.Social Welfare SocietyThe Social Welfare Society organizes fund-raising campaigns or blood donation drives for humanitarian causes and charity purposes to help the deprived and under-privileged people. The members learn to live and sacrifice for others for the good of the society.

Flying Clubhe Flying Club invites fans of glider planes to indulge in this unique and diverse sport that can be enjoyed at both amateur and professional levels. While gliding is just a casual hobby for most people, it has the potential of turning into a serious past time given the right resources and environment.

Blood DonorsThe Blood Donors Society is an online club/community that allows the needy to look for a donor with the desired blood group and request for donation. UMT students, faculty and staff may join the society.

Khateeb - UMT Debating ClubThe Debating Society arranges debate competitions, symposiums and many other competitions on issues of national significance or relevance. Topics cover a wide range of issues related to the economy, business, technology, personality development, etc. Such competitions in a healthy environment help the participants develop their communication and persuasion skills.The debaters also get an opportunity to represent UMT in different seminars and symposiums organized by bodies and institutions other than UMT.

Camera ClubThe Camera Club promotes interest in all aspects of photography as an art form and welcomes members who enjoy photography at all experience levels. It arranges photography workshops and photo competitions. This is the place for all amateur camera enthusiasts to interact with other like-minded people, enhance their skills and share tips and techniques.

UMT Rovers CrewThis is a club for all those who want to challenge their physical and leadership potential. The club encourages good community service by developing their physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional skills and values. It invites members to participate in scouting activities such as camping. The club also sends the right candidates to represent UMT in national scouting events.

UMT HikersThe best way to get introduced to hiking is by joining a club where you will not only make new friends but learn the ropes of survival in extreme conditions. This is a club for the adventurous sort and provides opportunities for UMT participants to take part in hiking expeditions in different parts of the country as well.

Overseas Participants Club (OPC)The Overseas Participants Club (OPC) presents a forum where all overseas participants interact with each other throughout the year. This club is regulated by OPA and was introduced by Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector UMT. Overseas participants face many hurdles on account of being away from home. They have to encounter a new culture and environment altogether. The UMT management came up with the idea of providing them a platform where they felt at home, shared ideas and experiences, and spent time in a community of like-minded people. The Club gives an Annual Dinner that is graced by the presence of Rector UMT who addresses the audience as well. The concerns and queries of the participants can also be discussed on the occasion.

UMT Sports ClubSports activities organized by the Sports Club include cricket, football, table tennis, badminton, snooker, swimming, rugby, volleyball, body-building, lawn tennis, squash and chess. UMT Sports Club also participates actively in HEC Intervarsity Sports Events. It also has Girls’ Sports Wing that promotes sports and indoor and outdoor activities for female participants. Sports-based scholarships are also awarded for National Color holders.

The Journey from ILM to UMTThe University of Management and Technology was established in 1990 and has evolved into a premier institution of higher learning in the country. Recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as a “W4” category (highest rank) university, UMT is also the first in the Punjab amongst medium sized universities in the general category.UMT was founded in 1990 as the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). ILM was established by leading educationists, professionals, and industrialists with an aim to enhance the organizational and individual effectiveness. Guided by the noble mission of helping others in actualizing their limitless human potential to its finest shape, ILM sought to respond to the challenges of information-based economy, globalization, and ever increasing complexity.UMT – now an independent, not-for-profit, private institution of higher learning – received her degree-granting charter first as the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in 2002 through an Act of the Assembly of the Punjab. Later, on 16 June 2004, IMT became University of Management and Technology through the passing of a similar Act by the Punjab Assembly.


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