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03-18-2013, 05:02 AM
Lahore Auto-Show on March 17

ISLAMABAD: Lahore Auto Show is being held on March 17, 2013 at the Liberty Market with a static display of more than 500 exclusive cars and motorbikes. Glow by Warid will be presenting the event while Shell Helix Motor Oil is the gold partner for the show. PakWheels.com along with TDCP has organised the event under the auspices of the government of Punjab and PHA as part of the Rang-e-Lahore celebrations. This extravaganza is aimed at nurturing the automotive industry in Pakistan, through an extravagant display of vehicles, where the young fans can also gain insight on the hazards of street racing and reckless driving. Marketing Manager of PakWheels.com Ahmed Saeed said, “We are delighted to have ‘Glow’ by Warid and Shell Helix Motor Oil as our premium partners and are thankful to TDCP for helping us in organising such a grand event as part of the Rang-e-Lahore celebrations”. staff report

source:- daily times Pakistan.


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