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05-29-2008, 07:32 PM
Diino is desktop client software which provides access to a free 2GB store with 2048-bit security, online scheduled backup, file sharing, private networking, instant web publishing, a music player with stream-only sharing, a secure e-mail account, a personal website with blog, and mobile phone access. Diino gives users their own personal internet desktop. Users can sign-up for free with full functionality and 2GB of online storage. Features include the ability to securely access data remotely without need of FTP or VPN services. The user's own DiinoWeb site is where folder set to Web Access will appear instantly. If a folder contains an index.html file the browser will load it, making Diino a simple website publisher. DiinoWeb also provides a File Upload facility, allowing anyone with permission to upload files into the user's store through their browser. This version adds auto reconnect, auto retransfer, WebDrop.

Size: 3,108 KB
System Req: Windows 2000/XP/Vista


http://software-files.download.com/sd/HfleJgjLkJtNmLpjluOJ69x2fKjpnPaW3HZ8qOmc9pbcdnyo6Z z2lj8y_bn-0zd-rLxpmXyfEeO_JkgQsFKlX3uWfxC72pkD/software/10845248/10648969/1174/Diino_4.2_Setup.exe?&lop=feed.dl&subj=intfeed&part=dlint&pid=10845248&psid=10648969&ontid=2196&siteId=4&edId=1174